Substrate and ground for orchid

S’it is a plant whose cultivation support plays a key role in the development of the plant, c’is undoubtedly the substrate for orchid.

L’Orchid indeed develops a particular root system that deserves that’they bring him attention and care.

What's an orchid potting soil?

  • The base consists of’maritime pine bark whose size may vary slightly.
  • One can also find the peat, coconut fiber, rockwool or perlite.

What is the most suitable substrate?

  • Each orchid has different characteristics.
  • The mixture in which it will develop best to be close to that in which it operates in’natural state.
  • But facing the large number of varieties and therefore to the multitude of substrates that’should be created, it is strongly recommended’use special orchid potting soil that’we touve in specialized stores.

Make your own orchid potting soil:

  • Although we recommend the’Use special orchid potting soil you find in specialized stores, however it is possible for you to make it yourself.
  • The base will still be made d’maritime pine bark.
  • Then, depending on the plant and through the’experience you'll gain, you will add the’one of the materials mentioned above (fiber, peat moss, perlite, rock wool, etc ...)
    You will mix them according to the proportions that you define and you affinerez your experience.

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