Tobacco dornement

Name Nicotiana
Family : Nightshade
Type : Vivace

: 50 to 150 cm
Exposure : Sunny, partial shade and shadow
Ground : Ordianire

Flowering : June to September

Plantation of tobacco’ornament:

Of tobacco’ornament hangs in April s’it is purchased in the bucket, mixing your soil with compost and possibly with an organic soil manure and seaweed type.

If you sow, prefer seedlings under shelter in March, transplant at the exit of the first leaves and put in place in May in a land enriched’good soil and’organic fertilizer manure and seaweed kind ..

Size of tobacco’ornament:

Remove faded flowers to As.

Comment of tobacco’ornament:

This perennial has a generous bloom throughout the’summer. Solid, bordering or even planter, this plant ensures an abundance of flowers and a unique flavor.

Malignant Council on Tobacco d’ornament:

Of tobacco’ornament also find its own place in a vase within’a bouquet.

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