Spathiphyllum Moon Flower

You have a peace lilies and want to enjoy a long time for this wonderful plant’inside.

What maintenance does it need, how to plant or repot, what watering and fertilizer should we give it and what is the best place where’set up?

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Hybrid Spathiphyllum
Family : Araceae
Type : House plant’inside

: 0.5 to 1 m indoors
Exposure : Bright
Ground : Soil

: Evergreen
Flowering : May to October

How to repot a plant, or Spathiphyllum?

In our climate, this plant s’moved to’inside our homes and our apartments.
It grows well when the temperature is around 20-22 °.

  • -There Are installing in a good size pot and plant it there in the special soil of plants’inside or flowering plants.
  • Although’it is necessary to repot in spring every 2-3 years out of it, prefer surfacing Regular perfectly fill the needs of the plant growing medium.

Finally, ideally place the pot on a bed of beads’clay or pebbles that you will maintain constantly wet.
L’Evaporation of the water allows the foliage to find the’humidity of the natural environment.

The best place for a peace lilies:

In spring and summer:

This plant fear the direct sun but needs’excellent light.

  • So then install near’a window but avoiding absolutely that’it is flooded with sunlight.
  • It must also be remote from the heater as it makes the’Dry air and Flower Moon, in contrast, need’humidity.

At the end of the risk of frost in May in general, you can even leave the plant and offer him a bowl’summer air.
But beware, once again avoid that’it is in the sun ....

At’autumn and winter:

The plant is ideally thrive in a place a little cooler, where temperatures are around 16-17 ° instead.
If c’can not, install it there at the edge of’a window facing north and away from any heat source.

Watering’a Spathiphyllum:

In spring and summer:

It must be regular but limited.

  • He n’is not necessary’flood the plant because its roots might not appreciate.
  • Water thus generous but not excessive and wait until the soil is dry on the surface between two waterings.
  • The foliage in need’some moisture, n’please Spray regularly s’soft water on it.

Finally, every 2 to 3 weeks, bring it to the’liquid fertilizer to stimulate flowering and ensure proper growth to the plant.

S’fall to’Winter:

Must reduce’spray as and and stop any supply of’fertilizers or organic matter.
The plant between rest and needs’be quieter.

It will be of’also much better in a slightly cooler room or board’a window to the north of’October to March.

Namely on spathiphyllums:

D’Colombian origin, this plant has won many of’us for her beautiful foliage and generous flowering shaped moon.

Very similar to the’anthurium, the peace lilies are also grown very easily when the conditions’air and culture suits him.
C’is a plant that can d’elsewhere live very long and offer a flowering throughout the’years under optimal conditions.

Sometimes subject aphids or scale insects, c’is in a relatively dry air that’it is the most prone to diseases and pests as’red spider.

Finally, if you want to enjoy and offer this wonderful plant, multiply the dividing the clump in the spring, c’is very simple, the result is often guaranteed and it's always a pleasure!

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