Stachys rabbit ear

The stachys or rabbit ear isa very beautiful perennial plant that’pot or in the garden is appreciated for its silver or green foliage resembling rabbit ears.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Stachys lanata or byzantina
Family : Lamiaceae
Type : Vivace

: 30 to 60 cm flower
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Light, well drained

: May to October

Plantation of’rabbit ear:

You can plant the rabbit ears in the spring or the’autumn, c’is unimportant. from’until October’in the month of May-June, maintaining a distance of 25-30 cm between each plant.

  • L’rabbit ear like sun but tolerates partial shade.
  • She loves well-drained soil, very poor

Multiplication of stachys:

Can be multiplied stachys in spring or’fall or spring by division by taking releases.

The cuttings is very easy in the spring, as the sowing in early’summer.

Watering of’rabbit ear, stachys:

L’rabbit ear tolerates sun and dread the excess’waterings.

  • Water in case of hot weather without flooding the plant.
  • Pot, provide regular watering when the soil is dry

Maintenance and size of’Wolf ear stachys:

From spring to’winter, the’stachys maintenance is very easy.

Both resistant to cold (-19 °) that’drought, ie’is a plant that should not cause you any problem of culture.

To prolong flowering and keep a beautiful foliage, some gesture can help.

  • Remove the faded flowers as by cutting the flower stalk at the base.
  • Remove the dried leaves to keep dense foliage and silver

Namely on’rabbit ear, stachys:

Also called Épiaire woolly, this plant offers by woolly leaves.

C’is also its leaves that’it must d’Other nicknames like Rabbit Ear or ear’bear.

Herb par excellence, its whitish gray color is very characteristic, as its pink or purple flowers that can climb up’60 cm high.

Malignant Council on stachys, rabbit ear:

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