Spire beautiful spring

Spirea is a beautiful spring-flowering shrub.

L’maintenance, planting of size, will allow you to’improve flowering and growth of spirea.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Spiraea
Family : Rosaceae
Type : Shrub

2 m
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Ordinary

: Deciduous
Flowering : April-July

Planting spirea:

At’fall or spring for the subjects in the bucket and the’Fall for bare root.

Choose a sunny or partially shaded area.

  • Avoid freezing periods when planting
  • Visit our Guide well plant a shrub.
  • Multiplication cuttings at the end of’winter.

Pruning and maintenance of spirea:

Remove dead flowers to as to achieve maximum flowering period.

Spirea can, like all the shrubs, do not be cut.

But by cutting your spirea just after flowering, you will improve the next flowering, quality and quantity.

  1. Start by removing withered branches at the base.
  2. Delete the oldest wood to stimulate’emergence of new shoots.
  3. Remove the center of the spirea while restoring a balanced shape your shrubs.
  • Visit our Guide well prune shrubs.

Namely the spirea:

Spire beautiful spring

Spirea is a beautiful flowering shrub rather spring, although some varieties can bloom during’summer.

It is very easy culture and good hardiness. He s’adapts to most soils and climates.
You l’install both hedge, insulated that’Solid d’shrubs.

Some varieties of dwarf spirea are particularly suitable for pot culture.

Malignant Council about spirea:

The center of the’shrub should be pruned regularly to bring the maximum light.

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