Skimmia japonica beautiful in winter

The skimmia is a beautiful shrub that as attractive in winter’in the spring.

L’maintenance, planting to pruning are all gestures that will help you have a beautiful skimmia.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Skimmia japonica
Family : Rutaceae
Type : Shrub

1 m
Exposure : Sunny, partial shade
Ground : Heather Earth

: Evergreen
Flowering : April to June

Planting skimmia:

In preference to’autumn, but planting spring is quite possible.

Know that the skimmia particularly like acid soils and therefore thrive in your garden soil mixing, soil and heathland.

  • To constitute’a hedge, space your skimmias 40 to 60 cm, no more
  • Prefer shade during the hottest hours of the day
  • Follow our tips planting shrubs.

This shrub s’perfectly adapted to the container gardening for your terraces and balconies of the massive’heather shrubs or isolated.

  • To cultivate a skimmia pot, 1/3 potting soil mix with 2/3 of heathland and make sure that the pot bottom is well drained and pierced.
  • Water regularly in case of high heat or prolonged drought

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Size, maintenance, watering skimmia:

The skimmia requires no care or’maintenance.

  • No size n’is really necessary even she can s’sometimes helpful.
  • If you still want rebalance or reduce the branches, make this gesture after flowering.

It should be’water regularly during prolonged droughts, especially for skimmias planted in pots.

Namely the skimmia:

Skimmia japonica beautiful in winterThis shrub of relatively slow growth and rounded shape offers beautiful spring flowering particularly fragrant with hints of flowers’orange.

But we mostly know him for his berries that’it must leave at’fall and remains on’whole shrub’winter.

It in fact leaves room for some nice red fruit that allow Skimmia d’be colorful spring to the’winter.

In addition, with its persistent and fragrant foliage, you l’to appreciate’especially on your terrace.

  • The skimmia the leaves have a delicate scent when’is crushed.

We can plant the skimmia with all ericaceous plants such as’hydrangea, camellia, azalea, there heather or the rhododendron.

Malignant Council on the skimmia:

Avoid planting it in a place where’standing water in the ground because he likes well-drained land.

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