Solanum, a jasmine false air

The Solanum, also called false jasmine nightshade strong resemblance to that’they have, is a climbing wonderful.

L’maintenance, planting size, easy and often spectacular flowering.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Solanum jasminoides
Family : Solanaceae
Type : Shrub, vine

5 m
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Well drained

: Evergreen or semi-evergreen
Flowering : July to November

Planting Solanum:

There planting Solanum is preferably spring but you will also be planting the solanum in summer provided water well the top.

It is possible to plant a solanum to’autumn in regions with mild winters like the southwest of France and the Mediterranean.

  • Although’being a climbing plant, Solanum is planted as a shrub
  • Follow the same planting tips.

Multiply the Solanum:

If you want to enjoy’a beautiful existing solanum for multiply c’is very simple, make a cuttings or layering in summer.

Maintenance and Solanum size:

Maintenance of Solanum:

The plant Solanum is an easy and requires very little care and’maintenance.

  • Water regularly during the first 2 years after planting
  • Has apport of’fertilizer in spring and summer will promote and extend the flowering

Solanum Size:

No size n’is really essential but you can balance or reduce the branches.

The Solanum can soon become invasive when’it is in place and it is then necessary to prune regularly.

  • Prune spring and been so many sizes are needed.
  • You enjoy to remove dead wood, broken or brittle branches.
  • Never cut to’fall because it would weaken your solanum before’winter.

Solanum in winter and protection from frost:

The Solanum freezing. It is resistant to freezing temperatures but beyond 5 ° or 6 ° will require the protect against frost because it will not stand.

The first years it is essential to good protect the foot with a thick layer of dried leaves for example (at least 20 to 30 cm)

If the foliage still had to endure freezing, simply cut all the spring and will leave your solanum if the roots have been protected.

Namely the Solanum:

The Solanum that’we also called false jasmine is a beautiful shrub native to Brazil. Its flowers ressembent indeed that of jasmine.

It has the’advantage’be climbing when’it is trellised and’provide beautiful blooming the sweet scent of jasmine.

D’maintenance and relatively easy culture can the’set at the foot’a wall,’a fence or even’a tree that will serve as a support for s’hanging and climbing.

Malignant Council on the solanum:

Plant it near’a place where you like to rest or lunch in your garden to enjoy pleasant fragrance.

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