Look after your tools

The latest autumn and work before storing them, it is necessary to clean his tools to keep them longer, so that they remain effective and they are not vectors of disease in your garden and flowerbeds .

If you have not done regular maintenance, take advantage of the truce to the garden to give them a good fitness session before letting them hibernate. They will be ready for next spring.

Clean Up

Remove soil remained stuck on the heads of spades, hoes, forks, rakes ... using a wire brush or a painter spatula.

Scrape the rust spikes with grained sandpaper fine not to scratch the metal. Remove the residue of resin and sap on pruning tools with rubbing alcohol.


The tools in contact with the plants can transmit disease. Disinfect so secateurs, shears ... with alcohol 90 °.

Clean pots, planters and guardians with bleach, rinse and dry.


Inspect your equipment to perform any necessary repairs small, tighten the screws, replace faulty fasteners and sleeves that crack.


File the cutting tools with a metal file.

Use a whetstone for cutting tools while observing the angle of the bevel.


An annual drain is needed to power tools.

Also make sure to have fully drain the hose to protect from frost.


Coat the linseed oil equipment, brush or cloth.

This extends the life of unvarnished wooden handles and this protects metal parts from rust.


Store your tools in a dry, iron on top, making sure not to let the cutting parts away from children.

Martine Saint January

Visuals: © Fiskars