September garden, what to do

We are moving towards the end of the’summer and September is the’One of the most important months for your garden.

Lawn, garden, flowers, trees and shrubs require special attention.

The summer heat is behind us and the vegetation can finally breathe. Shrubs found a new period of growth, offer magnificent garden vegetables while most fruits are still to pick.

Flowers, less numerous, are often of very high quality while plants of’Fall pointing away at the end of their nose.

For each topic, check out our gardening tips for this September.

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Lawn in September:

  • In September, it is important to scarify the lawn old to give them strength.
    This will also allow you to control weeds and’remove accumulated foam since the spring.
    The summer also sees the’yellow grass and usually form a mat’dried herbs that’should be removed at the risk’prevent’water s’normally flow into the ground.
  • C’is also the right time to sow a new lawn.
    If you want to redo or create a new lawn, September is the right time.
    Check our Tips to make the right choice seedlings.
  • Bring a Special turf fertilizers (Organic is now very effective!) To permit’accelerate the growing process and advantageously greening your lawn.
  • Mow regularly (ideally every 3 days)
    But in September it can still be very hot, in which case let your lawn green again between 2 mowings.

Vegetable garden in September:

  • The harvest of vegetables’summer continues (tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, Eggplant), While starts of a crop of vegetables’Autumn (pumpkins, cabbage, lettuce, arugula)
  • Continue to water without wetting the foliage and do this later in the day because the nights can be cool.
  • Remove leaves tomatoes starting from the bottom and especially those that are of’shadow tomato.
    This gesture helps to ripen your tomatoes and continue to make you fat.
  • Tear the potatoes as and when they mature and store them in a cool, airy and rather dark.
    L’absence of light allow better retention of your potato.
  • In September, begin to sow vegetables’Winter: Onions, sorrel, spinach, turnips, radishes, leeks or the endives.
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Fruit in September:

  • Harvest apples and pears, the grapes and plums.
    The fruit should come off easily.
    Regarding the harvesting pears, do not wait for the fruit falls to pick it up because pears are picked directly from the pear tree.
  • Plant strawberries.
  • Cut them in September blackcurrant and Gooseberries
    - First Fan the center of theshrub because the light that enters it is decisive.
    - Remove branches that intertwine.
    - Balance the rest of the tree to give it a nice shape cup.

Flowers in September:

  • Cut to tidal perennials that n’have more flowers.
    Plant perennials that bloom the’next year spacing them enough for their proper development.
  • Remove spent flowers of annuals that continue to bloom.
  • C’is the time cuttings some plants: Roses, hydrangeas, geraniums, anthémis, fuchsia, impatiens, lantana or the geraniums and pelargoniums.
  • Collect the seeds hollyhocks, eyelets’India, nasturtiums, marigolds, dahlias, galliards, cleomes, lupins, of tobacco’ornament, crocosmias, lychnis.
    Dry them and store them in an opaque jar to replant next spring.
  • Multiply peonies in September division of the tuft existing.
  • Bring the’fertilizer to roses
  • Transplant biennial sown in August by putting them directly in place.
  • Stop’watering ericaceous plants to encourage the next flowering.

Trees and shrubs in September:

  • Bring a Special fertilizer ericaceous plants your rhododendrons and Azaleas.
  • Prune shrubs Summer flowering.
  • Trim hedges before’arrival of’winter and frost.
  • Start thinking about your plantings.
    Here are some ideas for a flowering hedge or persistent hedge.

Rose in September:

  • Perform treatment against rust to’Using’a fungicide.
  • Bring the’special rose fertilizer.
  • Here are all the diseases, parasites and treatments rose

Terraces and balconies in September:

  • Continue to water your plants regularly and bring a fertilizer for your perennials.
  • Delete the Annual taking care to remove the soil because you will be able to plant flowers fall-flowering like chrysanthemums.
  • You can start to plant the Spring bulbs.

You are finally ready to welcome the’Fall! This season presents a wonderful variety of color and’atmosphere that will make your garden, your balcony or your terrace a unique place to enjoy the delights of’year.