Sowing in ppinire

The nursery seedlings has many advantages, the main is to allow some plants to grow in optimal conditions.

The seedlings are then Transplants one or more times until’in that’they find their final place in your garden or vegetable garden.

Thus, one benefit of’a place of sunny garden in the sun and sheltered from the wind to his seed.

A glass or plastic tunnel sufficient to protect your seedlings

The steps of the seedlings in the nursery:

  • Start with clean up the field to make it healthy roots, stones and weeds.
  • Crumble the earth to make it lighter
  • Bring, if necessary, a few organic material (Based fertilizer manure and algae) by mixing the earth
  • Draw furrows respecting a spacing of 10 to 20 cm depending on the width of the plant.
  • Sow online seeds (vegetables) or seed hole (large seed) homogeneously.
  • Satisfy special potting seedlings.
  • Tamp slightly to’using the back of the rake.
  • Water generously.

Vegetables and flowers to plant in the nursery:

Some ideas of vegetables: celery, Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kohlrabi, of cabbage’ornament, fennel, leek and chard...

Some ideas for flowers: Amarante chamomile, cobee, coloquinte, digitalis, cowpea, wallflower, heliotrope, gypsophile, forget-me, némésie, eyelet, daisy poppy, thought, penstemon, footing’lark, Queen daisy, Castor, Hollyhock, sage, campion, of tobacco’ornament and violet...

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