Up seeding technique

Whether for vegetables and certain species of flowers, planting in place or in the ground is very easy.

He s’done in the spring after all risk of frost and discarded during’was for most of vegetables’fall.

Make a seedling in place:

  1. Start with clean up l’where you want to plant by removing all weeds, stones and roots that are in the earth. In the case of’a lawn, you should plow the land with a tiller.
  2. Crumble the land once cleared for’lighten up.
  3. Bring organic material, type of amendment based manure and seaweed in the’incorporating the ground.
  4. Or scratch the ground to the well’loosen.
  5. Roll with a roller without much settle the soil.
  6. Sow seeds homogeneously. Depending on the species, choose a seedling in line or in pockets. If c’is a lawn, choose the Broadcast seeding
  7. Cover with a special potting seedlings (no need s’he s’is d’a lawn).
  8. Tamp slightly to’using the back of the rake.
  9. Water generously

Planting ideas in place:

  • Vegetables: Beet, carrot, cabbage, lettuce, onion, bean, chive, mash, turnip, thyme, sorrel, parsley or radishes
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  • Flowers: beautiful day, beautiful night, nasturtium, chrysanthemum, clarkia, cobee, gourd, poppy, Coreopsis, cosmos, eschscholzia, delphinium, Gaillarde, gypsophile, impatience, linseed, eyebolt’India, poppy, sweet pea, Purslane, rudbeckia, worries or sunflower can be sown in the ground
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