Schlumbergera cactus Christmas

The schlumbergera, also known as Christmas cactus is a pretty succulent plant that blooms in’fall or winter.

Very resistant to cold, it is grown with us as of plant’inside.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Schlumbergera
Family : Cacti
Type : House plant’inside

: 25 to 30 cm in inside
Exposure Very light
Ground : Soil

: Evergreen
Flowering : October to February

Planting and repotting of schlumbergera:

The schlumbergera traditionally cultivated in pots or planters in our latitudes because it is not resistant to temperatures below 10 °

Once purchased it n’not need to repot but it will, however, change pot after flowering.

  • Select a slightly larger container size must drilled deep
  • Use loam for flowering plants
  • Put a bed of beads’clay or gravel in the bottom of the pot to improve drainage

For a culture of schlumbergera in the ground, it n’is possible that’in climate mild in winter because this plant is native to tropical regions’South America

Multiplication schlumbergera:

Is multiplied by schlumbergera cuttings after flowering.

  • Take the young terminal shoots
  • Soak in the’rooting hormone
  • Plant them in the ground for sowing and cuttings
  • Keep your cuttings in a bright place and heated to about 20-21 °

Maintenance schlumbergera:


The schlumbergera needs’a good light but fears the direct sunlight when’it is placed behind a window.

In summer, it is possible to place your schlumbergera to’exterior, in shaded area and protected your patio or garden.

  • The flowers are very fragile, do especially not move once appeared the First flower buds.

Watering schlumbergera:

Spray steady but Modered during the period of growth and / or flowering

  • Allow the soil to dry between waterings 2
  • Please do not leave’stagnant water pot bottom
  • A contribution of’Special cactus fertilizer every 15 days’October to January improve flowering


To keep his schlumbergera d’year on year’another, it is advisable to Repot after flowering, at least every 2 to 3 years.

  • The container must be fair one size bigger but no more because the schlumbergera also like feel at’close.

Size schlumbergera:

To keep dense foliage and compact port, you can pinch the stems after flowering.

Namely the schlumbergera:

Schlumbergera cactus ChristmasChristmas cacti are native to the tropical forests’South America and the habit of pushing in the palm branches, where s’accumulates enough organic matter to be a good substrate.

On the’called Christmas cactus because it normally blooms in December even if the business needs that are’there are now the flower from the’fall.

The schlumbergera is also a biofilm plant.

Finally, the true Christmas cactus is Schlumbergera x buckleyi but there are 6 species of Schlumbergera.

Flowering times may vary, but not the color of the flowers is left around the rose.

  • Schlumbergera kautskyi,
  • Schlumbergera opuntioides,
  • Schlumbergera truncata,
  • Schlumbergera russelliana,
  • Schlumbergera orssichiana,
  • Schlumbergera microsphaerica

Council clever about schlumbergera:

If the leaves of your schlumbergera fall, this may be due to a displacement, a current’air or problem’watering.

For any problems with your plant, n’Feel free to ask a question on the forum