The different techniques seedlings

That n’never dreamed of growing a plant in his garden,’admire a small seed that transforms and grows to become a real plant?

S’it is a particular pleasure to know that every gardener can c’is the one planting.

This method of cultivation is far’will be difficult and especially
cheaper and more rewarding for all gardeners.

  • Buy seeds and cheaper seeds

C’is the most natural method of reproduction for a plant, but imposes sow some rules simple and effective to optimize plant growth in the best conditions!

The rules for good sow:

  • Having a quality floor: Choose a special planting soil that will bring flexibility and lightness.
  • Choosing the right time: the seedlings s’perform especially in early spring, but some plant species require a seedling to’fall or the end of’winter.

The different types of seedlings:

Here is the method to use for each of’them :

(Click on the desired type of sowing)

  • Seedlings up : There s’performs in the ground when’he n’there is no risk of frost, where the plant will then continue all its vegetation.
  • Sowing under shelter : It can s’performed at the end of’winter before’arrival of spring.
    C’is a seed that is realized in’outside, but under glazed shelter to capture sunlight and improve the temperature.
  • Nursery seedlings : It is mainly sensitive plants and fearing the cold.
    Is generally carried out in the greenhouse.
  • Terrine seedlings : C’is the best way to proceed under shelter or a seedling nursery.
    On the’for sowing fine seeds.