Scorsonre delicious old lgume

The culture of the black salsify is practiced in the month of May, when the harvest can occur from’fall to’winter.

Whether sowing or planting, you will see that’it will be fairly easy’get great salsify.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Black Salsify
Family : Asteraceae
Type : Vegetable

: 30 to 90 cm
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Rather light, rich and well drained

Harvest : D’October to March

Sowing, planting scorzonera:

The culture of the black salsify is either by sowing or by planting seedlings.

The seed scorsonère:

This method of black salsify seedlings can be practiced by all, even by beginners

  • You will start at the end of the’winter, around March-April, direct buried
  • Dig furrows of 2 cm depth and spacing each row of about 20 cm
  • Cover the seeds with’a layer of compost’about 1 to 2 cm to facilitate removal
  • As soon as the first leaves appear, it must be clarified about 10 cm

Planting salsify :

If you buy directly from black salsify seedlings, planting plan later this spring.

  • Maintain a distance of about 20 cm between plants and 15 cm between each Line hold that’they have room to grow.
  • The situation should be sunny

Culture and Maintenance scorsonère:

Scorzonera is a perennial or biennial that requires little’maintenance, if n’is d’be watered regularly in case of hot weather.

  • At’arrival of’winter, Cover the seedlings’a Mulching of dried leaves in order to facilitate’uprooting and protect from freezing
  • In the spring, turn the soil, weeding and make compost at the bottom

Diseases and pests salsify:

The black salsify is a fairly easy vegetable growing fears that ultimately quite a few diseases.

  • You can still suffer invasions slugs or Tracked...

Harvesting scorsonère:

Are harvested salsify d’October to April by simply pulling the roots.

  • Before the plant goes in bloom, cut the flower stalk
  • Harvesting is often more important with larger salsify in 2nd year
  • When’pulling, take care not to damage the roots that are fairly fragile

Namely the scorsonère:

Whether the variety 'Black Russian Giant ", the most common home or" Scorzonera d’Spain, "scorzonera hispanica, this root vegetable n’not be confused with salsify.

Often confused with salsify, they are nevertheless two different plants. The addition of a black salsify palatability more interesting.

The black salsify is rich in carbohydrate, in allantoin and vitamin E, B and C. That makes this a very interesting root vegetable on nutritionally.

Malignant Council about salsify:

It is desirable to’enrich the soil with compost prior to culture and loosen the soil well.