Willow planting, pruning, maintenance

Willow is an absolutely beautiful ornamental tree.

Culture, planting size, will participate in the proper development of the willow.

Follow our advice on how to cure your willow:

Name Salix
Family : Salicaceae
Type : Tree

Height : 5 to 25 m
Climate : Temperate
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Wet

: Deciduous
Flowering : May-June

Planting willow:

Willow needs’water and s’So perfect match to the edge’a river,’a basin or’a pond.

It is preferably to crash’Fall to facilitate’roots before the first frost and recovery in the spring.

  • Follow our tips well plant a tree .

N’please mulch the soil after planting to maintain maximum’humidity.

Willow Size:

It is recommended to fold frankly in February / March in all its branches.
This will help to’especially since the arrival of new branches and give him strength.
S disease’see also d’especially eradicated.

Willow frequent disease:

Willow planting, pruning, maintenanceThe leaves turn brown, are stained and eventually fall. The branches are also taking a brown-brown shade and dry.
He s’This scab is a disease caused by a fungus that’Marssonina called.

This disease is often caused by a wet spring, like most fungal diseases’elsewhere.



  • Raking leaves and branches that fall to the ground to limit the spread
  • Carry a spray based Bordeaux mixture

Knowing about Willow:

Willow is majestic in its size but also by its falling branches up’at ground level when’it is weeping and the wind whips.
In summer, it will bring you cool shade.

Friend of wetlands, it perfectly develops at the edge of’water and in swampy areas.

You can also diseases and parasites present in willow:

  • L’Anthracnose : Black spots on the veins on branches
  • Rust : Yellow stains on the front of brown leaves and pustule back.
  • Canker : The branches and the trunk eventually dry up and die

Malignant Council on Willow:

Do not plant too close to the willow’a house because it takes a lot of space and a lot of’shadow!