Sage advice dentretien

The sage salvia officinalis and is a wonderful aromatic plant to the special flavor.

l’Maintenance is easy and these tips will allow you to’enhance the development of your sage.

Name : Salvia officinalis
Family : Lamiaceae
Type : Herb

: 50/60 cm
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Rich and well drained

Harvest : The whole’year

Seeding and planting of the sage:

It is best to plant in the spring, but you will also be planted after the spring but avoid too dry periods.

As the sage, she like them sunny places.

  • Multiplication cuttings throughout the’summer
  • See our selection of hard sage Guide

Harvesting sage:

It is possible to pick sage throughout the’year.
The first year, wait until the plant forms a small bush before harvesting to allow him time to develop well.

Pruning and maintenance of the sage:

Fold the end of the’was to stimulate the’emergence of new growth before’winter or at the end of’winter to avoid too strong development and to keep a compact port.

You can, in 2 cases, cut up’15-20 cm of the foot.

Comments on the sage:

If sage is salvia which means savior, because its therapeutic properties are recognized.

The sage is both digestive and stimulating for’organization, its consumption n’be even more beneficial to your body.

The fact’be persistent allows this plant to’be decorative throughout the’year.
The multiplicity of varieties offers a wide choice of colors leaves, making it a very ornamental.

Malignant Council about the oficinale sage:

Widely used in the Mediterranean scrub, sage n’not need much’water to grow, on the contrary.

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