How to choose fir Christmas-1

Like every year, you will choose your Christmas tree and thus to delight young and old.

If the design is important and that c’is a joy to share with family, friends or colleagues, another time is eagerly awaited: the choice of the tree!

The Christmas tree the most common:

The nordmann dethroned last few years the famous spruce.

L’Spruce was up’then the’Historic tree of Christmas, but robustness nordmann and especially the fact that’it does not lose its needles have made him a favorite tree.

Even if’it is low odor, it is’one of safe values Christmas parties!

We also find d’Other interesting varieties and a little less common:

  • Omorika, appreciated for its silvery
  • Nobilis to bluish
  • Korean green foliage and silver
  • Grandis characterized by its density and’that smell’it releases
  • Pungens whose auguilles are long, hot and very fragrant.

Different way’buy a Christmas tree:

Christmas tree cut at the base:

c’is the most common form, probably because that’it is the most practical and less bulky.

  • Ideal when’you live in an apartment
  • Allows easy transport
  • Can be attached to a log and cut into 2 pierced’a hole of the same diameter as the base of the tree
  • May be replanted in the garden

Christmas tree container:

The container fir is the only tree that can be planted in the garden and c’is often the reason that’is chosen.

  • More bulky to carry, it nonetheless holds in place
  • Can be washed and therefore loses much less its thorns
  • Can be planted in the garden as advice bottom of this page

Choose between a natural or artificial tree:

The natural tree has the’advantage’be respectful of our planet. Besides the fact that’there fault for transport’bring up’at home, it is produced for’use that’we made at Christmas

  • He grew up in a natural environment
  • He participates in foster’ecosystem.
  • It is 100% biodegradable

The artificial tree uses materials from the’Petroleum and, whether in manufacturing or recycling, they use non-renewable and therefore pollutants to our land.

Is it harmful to cut young fir trees for Christmas?

Not because it s’Deforestation is not because they are from fir cultivated forests by’man and exclusively for Christmas.

Replant a Christmas tree in his garden:

Yes, if ‘it has been bought pot and therefore in roots. It is quite possible to put in the ground after Christmas.

It will nevertheless that’he did not stay too long in your home.
Plant it just after the holidays and preferably outside periods of freezing.

By planting your tree and reusing the’Next year, you make a grand gesture for’environment.

  • Find our tips for success certainly planting

Recycle their Christmas tree:

It is very important after’be used to place your tree in a recycling location.

There waste disposal is perfect if no other place n’has been provided for this purpose by your municipality.

It will thus serve to fertilization land.

How to choose fir Christmas-1