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The tomato is the’one of the most consumed fruit vegetables but also the most cultivated in our gardens.

Seedling planting, the’maintenance at harvest, every gesture is important for beautiful tomatoes.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Solanum lycopersicon
Family : Solanaceae
Type : Fruit / Vegetable

: 80 to 140 cm
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Light, rich enough

Harvest : Summer, cure on the foot.

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  • Health: Benefits and tomato virtues

Seeding and planting tomatoes:

One must consider that the tomato may be planted outdoors that’from 15 May and that’so there is no need to start sowing early.

In the case of’a tomato seedlings:

The tomato seedlings should start to end of’winter, in mid-March under shelter, and temperature’at least 18-20 °.

If you do’are not equipped to sowing or start for the first time growing tomatoes, start by planting small plants bought in garden center.

  • Visit our sheet Planting tomatoes and start from the month of February-March, under cover.
    This method may be longer, but it is very easy to do and you will be rewarded with the particular’incomparable flavor of the fruit you reap!

Planting and tomatoes purchased bucket:

C’is the best way to start growing tomatoes or’simply avoid the time of sowing.

  • If you buy the cup tomatoes, c’is that you have purchased in the spring.
  • Then plant them in a sunny and quite sheltered from the wind, after all risk of frost.
  • Keep a space of 80 cm between each plant.
  • Bring a special organic fertilizer tomatoes 1-2 times a month.

Tomatoes like:

  • Soils rich in humus, ideally amended before planting.
  • A sunny exposure.
  • Regular watering without wetting the foliage to avoid disease.

Size of the tomato, that’must be:

We must promote good exposure to light fruit for a good development.

  • Delete the shoots (called suckers) that can develop at the junction between a leaf and stem.
    These greedy draw a lot of sap and, more importantly, to the detriment of the growth of the plant.
  • When the plant reaches its maximum height, cut the head, leaving about 4 or 5 groups of leaves.

Harvest of tomato:

Harvesting tomatoes generally occurs from mid-August and can go up’at the end of’autumn if the weather permits.

  • The tomato is picked when’it is well colored.
    Usually 4-5 months of culture after sowing.
  • Some fruits may arrive very late maturing.
  • You can pick them and make them ripen in your garage or on a window border.
  • With green tomatoes, make a delicious green tomato jam.

Pests and diseases that affect tomato:

We find various fairly common disease in tomatoes, mushrooms often as’can be avoided through simple gestures.

You will get advice by clicking the links for each of these diseases.

  • The Mildew: Brown spots on the leaves.
  • L‘powdery mildew : Felted white on the leaves.
  • Aphids : Leaves s’wrap.
  • L’Blight or disease of black ass: If deals like mildew.
  • There whitefly : Small flies congregate on the undersides of leaves. We must deal with a botanical insecticide or plant nasturtiums at the foot of your tomatoes.
  • There TPW : Galleries are dug by the larvae, both on the leaves and stems of tomato.

Note that the copper treatment as the Bordeaux mixture preventively avoid most diseases that affect tomato cultivation.

The best tomato varieties

  • "Banana Legs" Cylindrical, 10 cm long; Crop mid-season, from mid-July; flesh nice, very sweet, ideal for raw consumption.
  • "Steak" : Round, flat, of 300 to 500 g; late, from’August; most productive, tomato stuffing, few seeds, suitable for sauces.
  • "Cherry cocktail" : Round, clustering, 3 cm in diameter; from mid-July; very sweet fruit highly palatable, easily grown in pots.
  • "Ten fingers from Naples" : Cylindrical, 4 to 7 cm; high season, from July to October; great originality, good taste sweet, resistant variety, easy cultivation.
  • "Elko F1" : Elongated, pointed, 8 cm long; high season, from July to October; no need to prune and stake, very strong production.
  • "Fandango F1" : Round, regular, about 150 g; early, from the beginning of July; vigorous variety to cut short, very big production, although regular.
  • "Farta F1" : Long, sharp, 2 to 4 cm; full season of’August to October; generous fruit clusters long, thick skin, very good performance.
  • "Green Zebra" : Round, ribbed, 80 to 100 g; mid-season, in July; collection of tomato, original fruit, green, streaked with light green.
  • "Luxor F1" : Flat, ribbed, more than 400 g; high season, from July to October; very decorative when trench; firm, juicy, perfect in salads.
  • "Manila" : Spherical, about 150 g; high season, from late July; almost white fruit with thin skin, ideal for salads, delicious taste.
  • "Marmande" : Flat, ribbed, about 180 g; early, in June; very productive variety, juicy, need to trim.
  • "Crimean Black" : Round, smooth, about 100 g; early, from the beginning of June; amazing dark red purple, taste delicious, seedless flesh.
  • "Ophelia F1" : Round, regular, about 120 g; mid-season, from July to October; an abundance of generous clusters, cooked very well, resists disease.
  • "Roma" : Long, sharp 40 to 70 g; mid-season, from July; very firm flesh that keeps well; no need to cut, slightly firm fruit.
  • "Saint-Pierre" : Round up’200 g; medium-early, early July; fruit together by four or five, very easy to grow.
  • "Sweetie 100 "Round, small, about 15 g; very early, from mid-June; requires a size, tasty flesh; variety resistant to disease.

To know about tomatoes:

Russir growing tomatoes-1 If all of the above are applied, the tomato is relatively easy to grow.

There tomato is d’Furthermore the’a fruit / vegetables grown the most in the world and is found in many receipts.

In the garden or in the garden but also a balcony or terrace, this plant will have the’advantage’also be very decorative.

Composed of 95%’water, tomato is low in calories but rich in vitamin C, B3, B6, and E. AK

It is also rich in minerals like potassium, manganese, copper, magnesium or phosphorus.

  • Health: Benefits and tomato virtues

Malignant Council about tomatoes:

A fertilizer mulch type cocoa shells is perfect for your tomato plants!

  • You can also make delicious jams.
  • Green tomatoes will give you a firm and very delicious jam.
  • Red tomatoes are less appreciated because jam obtained is sometimes more mealy.

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