Rudbeckia great big flower

The rudbeckia, that’it is perennial or annual, is a beautiful summer-flowering flower.

N’not be afraid of planting in number as the’decorative effect is guaranteed and’maintenance so easy.

His yellow brings a unique color to the garden!

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Rudbeckia
Family : Asteraceae
Type : Perennial or annual

: 30 to 80 cm
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Rich enough

Flowering : June to September

Plantation rudbeckia:

Regarding perennial, it is recommended to plant in spring, in a mixture of soil and garden soil, and comply with a spacing d’approximately 40 cm between each plant.

For annual, make a seedlings under shelter in March or directly a seedlings up from the month of’April.
In the first case, transplant bucket in the month of’April and put in place in May.

  • Multiplication perennial rudbeckia by division of the tuft to’fall or early spring.
  • The tuft of division is profitable for plant every 3-4 years, it stimulates flowering in older subjects

Size, maintenance Rudbeckia:

Remove faded flowers to as to stimulate’emergence of new flowers.

At’autumn, it is possible to fold the clump of perennials to keep a compact shape, they will leave for’even better next spring and they have no interest in winter.

The enormously rudbeckia need’water, especially in summer. A good mulch prevents many watering maintaining the’soil moisture.

Namely s on the rudbeckia:

In the flower bed, solid or bouquet, the rudbeckia is remarkable for the beauty of its flowers.

D’a yolk’gold characteristic and’a beautiful life, this plant, perennial or annual, will make a wonderful splash of color to your garden, patio or your home.

If you like butterflies and want to attract them to your garden, plant rudbeckia!

Finally, if you like purple flowers, choose the purple coneflower, echinacea purpurea.

Malignant Council on the rudbeckia:

The daisy is easy to grow and n’therefore no need to receive specific products.

L’Watering should be minimized under high heat and very dry.