Quick and easy Roquette culture

The rocket has become’one of the key salads our plates.

L’maintenance, growing to harvest, easy and deliciously tasty result.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Eruca sativa
Family : Brassicaceae
Type : Annual

: 20 to 25 cm
Exposure : Sunny, partial shade and shadow
Ground : Ordinary

Harvest 2 months after planting

Plantation, arugula seedlings:

There are 2 time to plant arugula, d’April-August for harvest from June to November and September to October for harvest in the spring.

It is recommended sow up from the month of’April and up’at the end of the month August.

  • Rocket rise quickly to seed when’it's hot c’Therefore it is best not to grow it in full if you were afraid of hot weather.

It is wise to’spread seedlings to prolong the harvest maximum. Some varieties resistant to cold.

  • Loosen the soil to have a light soil
  • Draw furrows of 1 to 2 cm depth
  • Space the ridges 20-25 cm
  • Space the seeds evenly

When the plants have a few leaves, thin removing lower so as to leave one plant every 5 to 10 cm. The lifting has generally held ten days after sowing and’Thinning can be done immediately after’first leaves appear.

  • When’thinning, careful not to damage the plants that remain in place because they are still fragile.

Maintenance of the rocket:

Plant easy’maintenance par excellence, rocket claims little care if n’is the’water regularly if it does not rain.

The lack’water accelerates indeed bolting, making the most prickly leaves.

  • Keep the soil cool
  • Biner regularly
  • Remove weeds

Harvest rocket:

You can make your first harvest about 6 weeks after planting in the spring or the’fall.

You wrest the sheets as required by cutting the leaves close to the ground

  • Prefer young leaves for their milder taste
  • Leave the plants in place that will give new leaves

Note that’can be sown rocket relatively late and that’with a gentle back and protection from the frost it can collect all the’winter.

To know about the culture of the rocket:

Quick and easy Roquette cultureHis culture is relatively simple because it s’Fits virtually all soils as well as’to all exhibitions.
The rocket is part of the same family as d’Other well-known vegetables like cabbage and broccoli.

Well known for its taste pronounced, arugula n’is nonetheless rich in nutritional value.

It is mixed with pleasure with chewy or good lettuce to d’in enhance the taste, or simply nature with a tomato fresh, of cherry tomatoes or a cucumber and peppers that will soften the taste.

Finally, note that the rocket has a great antioxidant and thus protects the aging and certain diseases such as cancer.

Malignant Council about the rocket:

Do not pull the roots of the plant, but be content’cut off the leaves as needed to induce new growth and’enjoy and longer.