Rhododendron in ideal potted terrace and balcony

Rhododendron is a beautiful shrub entirely appropriate to the pots.

Here are our tips to see the potted rhododendron grow and bloom of’year to year.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Rhododendron
Family : Ericaceae
Type : Shrub

pot : 0.6 to 0.8 m
Exposure : Partial shade and shadow
Substratum : Heather Earth

: Evergreen
Flowering : March to June

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Our advice : Choose dwarf species for container gardening, those which do not exceed 80 cm high to’adulthood.

Planting potted rhododendron:

Rhododendron pot, such as soil, needs’well-drained soil to avoid seeing its roots in contact with the’standing water.

Best location for the potted rhododendron:

  1. Pot, you choose a rather shady location.
  2. Avoid too windy situations

Choice of container for the rhododendron pot:

The material of the container has little’matter, as long as the pot or tray has a system’discharge from the bottom.

  1. Ensures that the pot is pierced
  2. Pot size is important, it must not be too great
  3. He will think about change size pot every 2 to 3 years (unless you grow rhododendrons in a large container difficult to move)

Choice of substrate for growing in pots:

The potted rhododendron needs heathland to develop properly.

  1. Start by putting a drainage layer in bottom of pot, containing beads’clay or gravel, a few centimeters.
  2. Fill the pot or pan heathland mixed with a special soil planting.
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Size potted rhododendron:

Again, if you have chosen a dwarf species, this work will be reduced to a size’maintenance.

  1. Remove dead wood as.
  2. Disconnect’inflorescence when’it faded.
  3. To reduce the foliage, wait until the’and was cut above d’an eye to encourage branching.

Watering potted rhododendron:

Like most shrubs and potted plants, the’Watering is crucial because the needs are different topics planted in the ground.

  • The substrate should remain damp as the rhododendron fears drought
  • Watering only when the surface is dry.
  • Bring regularly of’fertilizers for ericaceous plants.

Problem of growing potted rhododendron:

The leaves and buds of rhododendron brown:

This is often due to the fact that the soil is poorly drained and therefore that’stagnant water in the roots.

  • Rhododendron must never have feet in’water and’Water must quickly s’evacuate
  • If c’is the case for your potted rhododendron, slightly reduce the’watering.

Fertilization in late’Winter based’fertilizer heather plants allows to strengthen the rhododendron, improve flowering and avoid diseases.

The leaves turn yellow and fade:

This is usually due to a too chalky soil and causes that’called chlorosis of the rhododendron.

  • L’heathland surfacing intake is recommended.
  • A complement of’fertilizers for ericaceous plants is also expected to come to grips with chlorosis.

Diseases of potted rhododendron:

Rhododendron which perishes, appears sad and stunted:

C’is’One of the most common disease in the rhododendron and it is often too late when’it s’notices.

  • C’is usually caused by a fungus that s’called Phytophthora cinnamomi. C’is a severe attack of rhododendron which may cause his loss.
  • It is then processed rapidly by removing and destroying the affected areas but the chances of survival are low.
  • Then treat with a systemic fungicide, only effective solution against this fungus.

Growths form on the leaves, much like blisters:

  • Although not too serious in general, this fungus named Exobasidium vaccinii is also called gall sheet.
  • In general, simply removing the foil gall enough.

Council clever about the potted rhododendron:

Mulching of’pine bark surface and few centimeters allows stage many problems.

  1. It keeps the’freshness and moisture in the soil.
  2. It brings the’acidity with heather plants need.
  3. It avoids’weeds emerge.
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