Black radish winter radish

Black radish or radish d’Winter is a vegetable root absolutely delicious with a slightly spicy taste.

From sowing to harvest, here are all the cultural councils.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Raphanus sativus Niger
Family : Brassicaceae
Type : Annual

: 20 to 30 cm depending on the varieties
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Pretty rich and well drained

Harvest : From September to December
The radishes are harvested before the first frost

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Radish seedlings:

The radish seedlings is easy to perform and can be done throughout the’directly in place.

Simply cover of’some soil and / or compost and d’water regularly to quickly reap significant chilled radish ...

Sowing radish, radish d’Winter:

They are sown from May to September / October depending on the climate

  • Sowing in open ground
  • Draw furrows of 2-3 cm deep
  • Sow seeds spaced (every 3-4 cm)
  • Water regularly in light rain

Once the seedlings raised, We must expose. This operation is to remove the weaker seedlings so as to keep only the most vigorous every 15/20 cm.

  • Maintain a clean floor eliminating weeds as
  • Biner regularly to facilitate’Flow of’water to the roots

We can also sow black radish in planters, with potting soil and regular watering, you will enjoy beautiful radish directly from your terrace or balcony !

Culture and maintenance of radish:

Once sown, we can consider only regular watering is necessary, especially if the hot weather’summer

  • Maintain a relatively cool ground by frequent watering, especially in summer
  • Mulch the soil to keep the soil cool

Harvesting horseradish, radish d’Winter:

Harvesting of black radishes s’preferably carried out before the first frost but can be harvested throughout the’winter.

  • The crop before that’it freezes allows easier pulling
  • We can consider that’they are good to be harvested as soon as the black radish begin to sprout
  • After harvest, dry the black radish outdoors in s’ensuring that’it does not rain.
  • Black radish was then stored in a dry, cool and airy (the Black long gardener has a very good winter storage)

Properties of black radish:

Rich in vitamin B and C, phosphorus and magnesium, it also has diuretic properties.

It is excellent for draining the liver and gallbladder offering toning for digestion.

    • Black radish is very low in calories
    • Black radish is rich in fiber
    • It improves bile secretion thereby cleanse and detoxify the liver
    • On the’frequently used against kidney stones and gallstones

    It is good to eat radishes black evening because it allows better assimilation but also to fight against insomnia.

    You will eat black radish both raw and cooked or so in the form of black radish juice. But you can also get this in pharmacies in capsule form to swallow.

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    Species and varieties of radish

    You'll be spoiled for choice!

    • "Gournay Winter Violet" banche flesh and quite pungent, thick roots, purple skin.
    • "Winter Round Black" believes very quickly, keeps well and is resistant to small frosts.
    • "Black Spanish Round" and "Long Black Spanish": two old varieties, one round roots, the other long, excellent flavor.
    • "Long clock weight" very black skin, cylindrical, 20 to 25 cm long.
    • "Lungo Bianco": 20 cm long, with a white top, excellent conservation.
    • "Snake" or "Rattail" is harvested in the pod (before it is mature) and not the root. Thick as a pencil, often purplish. Consume fresh or pickled in vinegar.

    Among the Asian black radish you will find:

    • "Okhura" very soft, rounded shape of white roots. Relatively slow growth.
    • "Rose of China" can be sown in autumn or spring, long pink roots.
    • "Ilka" sweet and juicy flavor, round, dark pink, roots of 10 to 15 cm in diameter.
    • "Misato green" cylindrical root 20 to 35 cm long, green 2/3 of its height, soft.
    • "Tsukushi spring cross" long white root, sweet, crunchy.

    Malignant Council on radishes:

    For crisp black radishes throughout the season it is good’spread the seed.

      • Sowing every 2 to 3 weeks allows’Radishes have always perfect to eat