When and how to repot Repotting

Repotting is easy to do and essential for the proper development of the plant.

Both needed for the roots to find the place they need, this operation also presents the’advantage to renew the organic matter that plants need.

More particularly to repot plants’inside but all potted plants, shrubs and fruit grown in potting tray deserve regularly.

Here is all that’need to know about repotting.

Why must repot potted plants and’inside?

  • The organics in the soil and the plant are essential for not not inexhaustible.
  • Plants draw them for food while watering tend to get to the bottom of the pot leaching then make them disappear.
  • Repotting allows restore the material to plants to feed them and give them the’room to grow.

Best time to repot:

The most favorable period repotting is early spring. The plant will then enter a vegetative period known and will be better equipped to face this pot change.

It should also be repot the plants that come from’be purchased, because they generally have reached the maximum size for the pots in which they are sold.

Potting technique:

Take a pot with a diameter the old container.

  1. Ideal but not required: Line the bottom of a drainage layer gravel or expanded clay beads.
  2. Fill the pot with a suitable soil you repot plants.
  3. Prepare the root ball removing dead roots, damaged and brittle.
    Should be cut with a sharp pruning shears.
  4. Place the root ball center of the pot
  5. Fill with potting soil
  6. Pack lightly and drizzle during the following weeks as required for the plant.

Repotting very large plants:

Some plants whose size has grown too large to make a repotting should receive Regular surfacing.

This operation is to remove the maximum’former ground up’find the roots, but without damaging them, and then supplementing with a new soil.

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