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Do not confuse more geranium and pelargonium. Most of the time, the term "geraniums" plants that actually belong to the genus pelargonium. True geraniums are perennials, which remain in place from season to season, hardy and easy to live with.

Perennial geraniums are a family full of vitality. Flowers, white, pink, purple or blue, are flat or star and often veined petals of a contrasting color. They appear from May to September, during more or less time depending on species.

The leaves are very decorative, often aromatic and take beautiful autumn colors.

Over 300 species of geraniums

There are over 300 species of perennial geraniums, not to mention the varieties. Compact hardy geraniums are suitable for the rock garden and borders, in small gardens. They are also perfect planter.

Forms creeping, spreading or ground cover, are planted as ground cover under trees or in a wild garden. Species at large clumps are suitable for decorating flowerbeds. Most species make excellent shade plants and, once installed, is virtually maintenance free.

Keys to success

The perennial geraniums do not like heavy, moist at all times. They like fairly compact land rich, well fumes. Avoid the soil dries out in the summer.

Species with large development like any fertile soil, never soggy. Install the small geranium in a humus soil, very draining. By ferry, plant them in a mixture of soil and ground light garden added coarse sand.

Good care

Geraniums require practically no maintenance. Just remove faded flowers to As. Otherwise, remove the fruiting bodies to prevent flooding (some species can grow excessively).

In late autumn, fold along the ground deciduous plants when it withered. For subjects in pan, sprinkle one to two times per week during the vegetation. Add a little water in the winter if it is dry. Most true geraniums are resistant to - 20 ° C!

Marie Etavard

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