What practices for organic wine

Since 2012, the name is framed by a European regulation.

Until 2012, it was reported in France wine from organic agriculture by the AB label awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture. But if he certified that the organic character of the grape, it was not about the techniques and products used in the winemaking process.

Applicable since August 2012, a European regulation defined the practices compatible with the "organic wine". It regulates the production of this time grapes and winemaking. The name is assigned only subject to an annual review by a certifying body.

Vine management

The conduct of vine Organic agriculture is based on the use of products exclusively of natural origin for fertilization and protection of vineyards, interdiction GMOs, weed management by mechanical methods.

EU rules on organic wine requires the use oforganic ingredients, define restrictions and prohibitions on the use of certain processing procedures, require compliance with a limited list of oenological additives and auxiliaries and restrictions on sulfur dioxide levels in wine.

Organic wine: a very dynamic sector

What practices for organic wineNote, however, that can be found behind the words "Organic wine" very different realities. It can also be applied to a production that will use all legal processes as a wine from biodynamic agriculture whose charter is much more demanding.

Several voices were also raised to denounce a regulation deemed too lax still allowing the use of low natural products and techniques. This is a first step. A review of the regulation in 2015. It will probably afford to go further ...

Organic wine sector is theone of the fastest growing organic vegetable sector in France. According to the French Agency for Development and promotion of organic farming, French organic vineyard surfaces have nearly tripled since 2007, amounting to almost 65,000 hectares in 2012 (Approximately 5,000 producers).

Many conversion surfaces suggest substantial entered the market in 2014. Direct sales is the main marketing channel organic wines whose consumption does not cease to grow.

Martine Saint January