Dorties manure treatment and fertilizer both

Through manure of’nettles, create your solution’fertilizer and repellent against parasites 100% organic!

Discover the slurry of’nettles, excellent fertilizer for the vegetable garden and garden plants and very good anti-harmful to most pests such as aphids.

This will avoid’use harmful chemicals to’environment while maintaining a high efficiency!

Increasingly used now is found sold in specialized storess but it is also quite possible to do it yourself.

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Usefulness and efficiency of manure’Nettles:

This mixture based’Nettles has unique qualities to stimulate plant growth, but also to reject most of the pests, aphids and mites.

The slurry of’nettles n’is not a cure against disease but a preventive treatment through its ability to strengthen plant defenses.

  • Effective fertilizer : Plants need’nitrogen to grow. They are found in all fertilizers and c’Thanks to its high nitrogen content of the manure’nettles bring nutrients essential for healthy plants.
  • Repellent against parasites : S’it is less concentrated and applied directly to the leaves, of manure’Nettles have a good insect repellent against insects in general, aphids and some mites.

Recipe of the manure’Nettles:

The recipe of liquid manure’Nettle is both a traditional recipe but n’has never been so up to date with its organic side.

L’using 100% natural products in the garden is a guarantee of success for treating your plants, or to make the’fertilizers while protecting the planet.

The recipe of liquid manure’Nettle is very simple:

  • Pull the nettles :
    Put them in a pan or bucket (absolutely avoid a metal tray)
  • Mix with the’water :
    We must respect the following doses.
    Fertilizer = 1 kg’nettles to 10L of’water
    Repellent = 1 kg’nettles to 20L of’water
  • Macerate :
    1 to 2 weeks, stirring about every two days
  • Filter the liquid manure solution’Nettles :
    We must recover the mixture and dispose of residues’Nettles (Spread them on the compost)
  • Use as a repellent:
    Spray the plants with a sprayer for’use against parasites
  • Use as an’Fertilizer:
    Pour directly into the earth as a liquid fertilizer, after’be diluted in’water 10-20%.

Malignant Council on the manure of’Nettles:

If the slurry of’Nettle is very simple to make and you should not be a problem, however, a few things should make it easier ...

  • You can speed up fermentation before chopping the nettles.
  • For large quantities, use the lawn mower.

With this mixture you great savings and above all a very nice gesture for’environment.

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