How to get rid of aphids sen

Aphids are formidable insect s’attack the leaves and extract the sap.

The leaves eventually s’wrap and glue.

In short, that’you should know:

Name: Aphidina
Common name: Aphid
Period’Invasion: spring, summer, autumn
Favorable conditions: Most plants can be affected but the low plants are more vulnerable.

The presence of many insects including beetles can limit the presence of aphids.

Regular treatment against aphids can allow you’permanently eradicate their presence on your plants and roses.

Bio effective anti-aphid treatments:

Aphids s’attack many plants, roses and fruit in our gardens and can cause heavy damage.

All these treatments have an interest in the fight against aphids and, if’a d’barely them to take effect, you can multiply them, including involving repellent plants and processing means.


  • Consuming the aphid larvae, it naturally involved in the fight against aphids. This method is increasingly used by professionals of green spaces and is 100% organic.

The of manure’nettles and ferns:

  • It now sells garden but can be done naturally.
  • C’is a great way to fight against so 100% organic aphids.
    Learn to do of your manure’Nettles

Manure rhubarb:

  • Easily achievable as early as d’April with the sheets rhubarb, find our manure recipe rhubarb

L’soapy water:

  • A basic black or Marseille soap soap melted in the’water and sprayed on the plant, the soap prevents aphids d’adhere to the leaves.
    It is thus melting 150g grated soap and 1 tbsp’oil in 1 liter’water that’is then sprayed on plants.

The repellent plants against aphids:

  • Plant species such as repulsive nasturtiums, the eyelets’India and especially the lavender helps fight against aphids naturally invasions.

Against fire ants:

  • The fight against ants is often essential when’they have made their nest.
    They attract aphids and indeed accelerate their proliferation.
    Find the good ways get rid of ants the garden

Larvae’Aphidoletes :

  • Are d’excellent predators, but n’act that’from 16 ° and the most difficult to find in garden.


  • Products used in organic farming, it is’contstituants a leading anti-aphid products sold commercially.
    It is very effective and guarantees a struggle without thank you against these predators.

The grass flower:

There aujourd’hui mixes flowery lawns whose’Association of flowers allows’away most pests including aphids.

  • This grass flower s’installs both the garden that’in the garden to protect vegetables.

Finally, a basic rule is to minimize the’use of chemicals.

They destroy much of the’essential to the natural ecosystem fight against diseases and parasites.

Malignant Council on aphids:

The damage occurs during the growing season and more specifically in the spring and early’summer, then be treated at that time.

  • Any chemical treatment would hurt a lot to our environment, do something for our planet and use anti aphid bio ways!
  • Among the most attacked species, obviously found the roses but also large trees like lime or’spruce and some fruit as pear tree, the fish or cherry.
  • Caution when the leaves turn black as soot, it s’is fumagine, direct result’an attack of aphids.

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