Protect its winter olivier

Contrary to popular belief, what suffers most l’n olivier’not cold but’humidity.

In good conditions and cold’Dry air,’Olive has a hardiness of’order of -15 to -18 °.

But if’is mixed with the cold’water and the’humidity, so nothing goes.

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Let's look at how to protect your olive tree in winter:

Your olive tree in the ground:

If you Seeing the méridionnales regions, you should not make you worry, your olive tree normally no problem to withstand winter conditions.

However, if you live north of the Loire and / or in a region where it rains a lot in the winter, we have to take some steps to protect your olive tree.

  • With soil, creating a slope at the foot of your olive tree to prevent the’water flows near the roots
  • It is important’evacuate’as far as possible water your olive tree in winter as c’main danger is that your tree guete
  • Mulch the foot of the’olive to protect the roots of the gel

Your potted olive tree is:

Again, if you live in a Southern Region he n’there's not much to do

  • Place the olive tree in the sun
  • Water only when the soil is completely dry and in a limited way

However, if you live further north,

  • L’ideal is to put his olive tree in a cool, bright place but where it can not freeze
  • The cold winter in these regions is wet so protect your olive maximum of’humidity

If you can not get your olive tree,

  • Never enter your olive tree at’Inside the’winter
  • Outside closer the most possible’a bay window for that’he enjoys the warmth of your home
  • Mulch the foot of your olive tree to protect it from the cold
  • Bundle up the pot’good coverage and avoid that’it takes the’water
  • Comb the d’a veil of’winter that will not be in contact with the foliage, again to prevent condensation source’humidity
  • Drizzle the bare minimum and only if it n’is not in contact with’rainwater.

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