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Primrose is’One of the first flowers to bloom in’year.

Indispensable to the garden, maintenance is easy and requires little care while flowering delight you.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Primula
Family : Primula
Type : Vivace
Height : 10 to 50 cm depending on species

Exposure : Sunny, partial shade and shadow
Ground : Rather rich, well drained and fresh
Flowering : October to April or February to September

Planting, planting primrose:

Primrose purchased pot or bucket:

Plant primrose gardens purchased in bucket d’October to March in a mixture of soil and compost.
You can also make a contribution in organic soil manure and seaweed type.

  • Water regularly in the early s’it does not rain.

Seed primroses purchased seed:

In seed is sown primrose from May for introduction to’autumn.

Perform in this case a terrine seedlings and transplant 1 month later still pot before planting a month later in the bucket.
Install from’October.

  • At each of these steps, water regularly but not too much to maintain the soil moist.

Maintenance primrose:

Remove wilted flowers As in order to stimulate’appearance new flowers.

You can multiply your primroses by division of the tuft after flowering

If’Slug invasion, enjoy ashes from your fireplace to fight against them.

Namely the primrose:

Primroses are perennial that’particularly preferred for their autumn-flowering, winter and spring and’brilliance of their colors.

Also used in the d plant’inside (Primula malacoides and abconica) where they take good care them.
In this case, it is preferable to leave the night to that’they regain freshness.

Solid, edge, rock garden or in planter, primroses plants are easy to maintain and very decorative when most deciduous plants are still bare ...

Finally, enjoy flowers to adorn your salads and supplement them right with the young leaves of primroses that are perfectly edible.

Malignant Council about the primrose:

L’contribution of’Amendment planting promote the development of the plant and flowering.

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