Potentilla a nice shrubby plant

Cinquefoil is a beautiful shrubby plant, easy’interview and whose flowering lasts all the’summer.

In short, that it’you should know:

Name : Potentilla
Family : Rosaceae
Type : Shrub or perennial

: 0.5 to 2 m
Exposure : Sunny, partial shade
Ground : Ordinary

: Deciduous
Flowering : April to October

Planting cinquefoil:

Purchased container, cinquefoil crashes in’fall or spring.┬áThis small flowering shrub s’perfectly adapted to all types of soil, that’he is rich or poor, dry or slightly damp.

  • Never plant the cinquefoil in periods of frost
  • Insensitive to the nature of the soil, install it in the sun or light shade.
  • They will have more sun and the longer flowering

Multiplying the cinquefoil:

The shrubby cinquefoil is bouturent very easily by taking young shoots in the month’August.

Size, maintenance cinquefoil:

Cinquefoil is to’easy maintenance and only a slight annual pruning should allow you to keep a pretty harbor and stimulating summer flowering.

  • On resumption of vegetation, slightly trim the plant to give it a nice shape.
    it will also stimulate flowering next
  • Remove faded flowers to As.
  • After flowering, cut the stems slightly giving flowers.

Watering cinquefoil:

We recommend’water regularly cinquefoil the first year after planting to promote’rooting.

Once in place, normal rainfall is sufficient to meet the needs of the plant.

  • Watering during extended drought or high temperatures.
  • For potentillas pot, watering when the soil is dry on the surface.

Namely the cinquefoil:

Potentilla a nice shrubby plantBeautiful flowering shrub for this rapid growth and whose culture is very easy.

You will enjoy the long very pretty flowers which are renewed from spring to’fall.

But we find in potentillas annual species, d’other perennials and finally these small shrubs. This shrubby cinquefoil has a very interesting bushy, generous bloom from red to white through yellow

He particularly finds its place on the edge, but also in solid or rockery.
This plant is particularly suitable for container gardening on a terrace or balcony due to its limited development.

Finally, note that Potentilla is very hardy and perfectly resists negative temperatures down to -25 ┬░.

Malignant Council about cinquefoil:

Enjoy low height to install potentillas with perennials.

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