Portico an ideal game to garden

The choice’good gantry s’significant out when’we have children and that’we want that it lasts long.

Wood or metal, there are now a wide range of gantry cranes, game stations or children's slides.

When necessary’you have young children, the portal also has the’take advantage of ages for many years.

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Here are tips for choosing a portico for his garden:

The size of the garden is important:

You must be careful that your porch n’occupies not all the space in your garden ...

  • Must measuring the width and the length gantry and’space you need around
  • Allow enough space on each side of the gantry for to circulate or mow the lawn.
  • Avoid near trees or shrubs that could interfere when’Use of the swing.
  • We can say that 2 sts each side should be sufficient.

The choice of material, wood or metal:

There aujourd’hui 2 major categories of materials used for the porticos, wood and metal. The wood is mostly pine treated as the metal is a steel designed for’outside.

Wooden portico:

  • It should definitely be treated against the’moisture and insects.
  • In terms of category, it must be certified class 4 (rot and insects)
  • L’Maintenance is relatively easy and seu
  • Here is a Selection wooden porch

Metal Swing:

  • If the cost is slightly lower at the start, it must be recognized that’it is less aesthetic to s’integrate in a garden
  • Claims no maintenance
  • It is lighter
  • Here is a metal gantry selection
  • Here are best offers for’purchase of gantry cranes with Malin Gardening

L’Age and number’children is paramount:

We must be very careful of adapt to tackle’age and the number of’children

  • It is useful’to see as many’rigging than’children in your family, it avoids many fights ...
  • There varieties outfits is also a source of motivation and’Additional awakening: slide, rope swing, face-to-face ...
  • Adjust height outfits depending on the size of your children
  • It is estimated that’before 3 years it is difficult to enjoy the porch or even dangerous.

The ideal surface soil to a portico:

The choice of soil is important because a fall can quickly become dangerous if improperly amortized.

  • Avoid at all costs hard floors such as concrete, tarmac or even a stone or tiled terrace.
  • Emphasize the lawn or, ideally, a layer of sand 10 cm’minimum thickness
  • If the ground is too hard, spread a layer of 5 cm’maritime pine bark, c’is pretty is very effective.

Where to buy a cheaper quality portal:

Faced with the multitude of sites offering the’buy skeleton wooden or metal, Jardiner-malin.fr has selected a quality site where you will find a selection of high quality cranes at very good price.

  • Here are best offers for’purchase of gantry cranes with Malin Gardening

Portico an ideal game to garden