Culture tips potato

From planting to harvest, here are the gestures’maintenance that will help you have beautiful potatoes.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Solanum tuberosum
Family : Solanaceae
Type : Vegetable

: 50 cm
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Rather light, rich and slightly moist

Harvest : June to November according varieties

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Planting potatoes:

Culture tips potatoPlanting potato tuber easy and that, whatever the region in which you live.

Wait mid-March fresh region and the beginning of the month’April elsewhere before starting the plantation.

In the south of France or near the Atlantic coast, some begin as soon as mid-February but there should be protection as a tunnel in case of return of heavy frost.

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  • Your soil should be well loosened before planting to the’lighten up.
    So go back to the land 30 cm.
  • It is recommended to plant tubers Certified sprouted March-June
    The planting period will depend on the region where you live, because the frozen must not intervene.

Do not rush to plant, the soil must be heated sufficiently deep for the potato needs’land at 10 ° deeply to grow.

  • Wait until the tubers are entered into germ before putting them in the ground.
  • Place the tuber vertically ensuring that the germ is facing up.
  • You will respect a distance’about 30 to 40 cm between each tuber burying them 10-15 cm deep.
    Make sure also, if you have several grooves that’they are spaced d’about 60 to 70 cm each.

Exposure : The potato has need sun to thrive.

Maintenance and cultivation of potato:

relatively easy to grow and’maintenance, potato requires some care and gestures that allow you to’improve performance and harvesting.

  • Mounding, an important operation:

When the plant reaches about 10-55 cm high, buttez the foot with light soil.

This includes forming a small hill at the foot of the stems is to keep the plant in the ground, protect the wind and allow it to grow at best.

  • Watering potatoes: 

Potatoes especially fear drought and lack of’water for long periods.

Watering in the evening is recommended when’it is hot and you see the withering foliage. Do not wet the leaves to avoid’onset of diseases such as fungi.

To’avoid the risk of drought in the soil, it is advisable to put a Mulching at the foot of potato plants.

Harvest potatoes:

Culture tips potato

There is no need to harvest potatoes before the leaves are completely yellow.

This essential step yellowing indicates that the harvest is imminent.
But it also indicates that’we must wait for a complete drying of foliage would be a sign that you've waited too long.

You then to retain’Protect from light in a dry, cool and airy.

Potato varieties:

Among the many potato varieties can be distinguished according to their flesh

  • Potato firm flesh:

Roseval, Belle de Fontenay, BF 15, Amandine, Charlotte, Bernadette, Honey, Pompadour or the famous Ratte are all varieties with firm flesh.

  • Potatoes floury:

Monalisa, Ostara, Desiree, Bintje, Manon, Estima, Apollo or Resy

But also according to their precocity:

  • Harvest from May to July:

Belle de Fontenay, Monalisa, Manon, Ostara, Amandine, Bernadette, Charlotte, Honey, Rosabelle

  • Harvest from September to November:

Amongst’others include Nicola, Bintje, Desiree

Insects and diseases of the potato:

  • Aphids : The leaves curl and lose their original color.
  • Mildew
  • CPB: c’is the main threat of the potato in terms of’insects.
  • Black scurf
  • Bacterial decay

Leafminer potato:

Like tomato that is part of the nightshade family, the potato can be attacked by the tomato leafminer. This parasite can wipe up’to 100%’a harvest.

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To know about the potato:

Culture tips potatoThe potato is native to the Andes South America and was referred to the late 16th century after Columbus had discovered the’America.

Studies reported that’using potato for at least 8,000 years, but c’is after his arrival in Europe are using s’is really widespread worldwide. It aujourd’hui cultivated in more than 150 countries and especially grows in almost any climate.

The potato is probably’one of the most common basic food in the world.

  • Easy to grow and high efficiency, Potato is increasingly cultivated by both warned by amateur gardeners
  • This allows’ensure production quality, but also varying the species that’is not necessarily commercially
  • Rich vitamin B1 and C but also in carbohydrate, you will also enjoy the potato for its rich iron and potassium.
  1. Health: benefits and virtues of the potato

Council about the potato:

At planting, after digging your furrows 10-15 cm deep, place your tubers and cover with the finest possible earth.

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