Poirier dornement advice dentretien

The pear tree d’decorative or ornamental is a tree that produces beautiful flowers in early spring.

S’it produces small brown fruits, they n’have nothing to do with those of pear and do not consume.

Name : Pyrus salicifolia
Family : Rosaceae
Type : Tree

: 5 to 10 m
Exposure : Sunny and part shade
Ground : Ordinary

: Deciduous
Flowering : March-April

Plantation of pear’ornament:

It is recommended to plant pear d’ornament to’fall to promote’roots and therefore the recovery.

  • Check our planting tips.

Size of pear’ornament:

Maintaining a size that aims to balance the’tree enough. You can also aerate the center and cut the dead wood.

Namely the pear d’ornament:

This pear in willow leaves n’a pear tree that name because its fruits have a very bad taste and n’have nothing to do with the pears we know.

It offers the very early spring pretty little white flowers at the same time that’appear beautiful silvery leaves.
It grows fast, it requires very little’maintenance and limited watering during hot weather especially early.

Malignant Council on pear d’ornament:

A Mulching Lightweight maintain some moisture during the first years of growth.