Leek all about culture

The cultivation of leek, from sowing to harvest, is relatively easy and will bring you a lot of satisfaction.

Here are our tips for a beautiful harvest leeks.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Allium porrum
Family : Allium
Type : Vegetable

Height : 40 to 60 cm
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Light, drained

: Summer, autumn and winter

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Sowing, planting leeks:

Leek seedlings period s’lasts roughly from mid-January to mid-September.

Sowing can begin relatively early in the season provided they’have a sheltered room and relatively warm (above 15 °) as a greenhouse, especially if it can be heated.

1- Collect leeks in spring:

For an early harvest in the spring, start the cultivation of leeks end of’summer or’autumn previous.

  1. Sow directly in the ground in August or September.
  2. Lighten regularly to always leave at the most vigorous plants room to grow.
  3. If you made your seedlings in bucket, transplant in October or November at the latest.

2. Collect the leeks’summer:

To harvest leeks early in the season must sow in winter.

  1. Seeding shelter January mild climate February-March elsewhere.
  2. Clear upon exercise and multiply the’operation as many times as’it is necessary for the leeks always have room to expand.
  3. You will benefit from’a crop of small very tasty leeks from the beginning of the’summer

3- Harvest leeks in’Fall:

C’is the ideal time to grow leeks because temperatures are ideal and allow a foreign culture.

  1. Seedlings nursery or under cover of March to May.
  2. Clear upon exercise and as many times as’it is necessary for the leeks have room to expand.
  3. When the plants have reached 1/2 cm in diameter, is placed in the ground by slightly cutting the leaves and roots, it improves the recovery.
  4. Provide a spacing of 30 cm between each plant.

When planting leeks, maintain a distance’at least 30 cm between each plant.

Culture and maintenance of leeks:

Culture and’maintenance of leeks is quite accessible, but some gestures allow you to’have a good harvest and’prevent disease.

Hilling leeks:

To promote the leeks laundering, it is important to butter foot regularly.

  1. Hilling is to reduce the earth at the foot of the plant to create a slight mound.
  2. C’is the part underground remains white So the more they will be buried and that part will be.

L’watering leeks:

Leek n’needs’Water that’in case of prolonged drought or heat waves.

  1. Normal rainfall must meet the needs of leeks.
  2. Water in case of high temperatures or prolonged drought.
  3. However, n’please mulch the foot of your leeks to conserve’humidity as long as possible.

Associations and enemies leek:

Leek, like all vegetables, likes more or less with’Other vegetable garden. Here are good associations and enemies leek.

Leek all about cultureLeek LOVE the presence of:

In the garden, it is important to do the right associations to ensure that friendly plants are grown in one place.

Here vegetables grown near the leek:

The Carrot, the celery, the strawberry, l’onion, there tomato, there lettuce, there mash, l’asparagus

Leek Redoute's presence:

Some associations have, in contrast, tend to disturb the proper plant growth, so needless to try’associate these vegetables with leek.

The beans, there chard, cabbage, polka dot

Kitchen c’is a different story and’Combining these vegetables can be a success.

What to plant leeks after:

For a good crop rotation, so as not to deplete the soil.

Here are the vegetables that’it is preferable to after planting leeks.

There carrot, the cucumbers, there coriander, the squash, the beans, the turnips, the radishes or the tomatoes

Pests and diseases that affect the leek:

The Leeks are subject to certain diseases and it should be treat preventively but mostly widely spaced crops to avoid the maximum’appearance of mushrooms.

Hoe the soil regularly and follow our tips avoid leeks diseases.

  • Mildew : The yellow and brown spots form on the leaves
  • L’powdery mildew : A white felt forms on the leaves
  • Aphids : Leaves curling up on themselves
  • The ver leek : There is effective treatment available on the market but we can fight preventively with the of manure’Nettles regular spraying
  • There leek leafminer

Species and varieties of leeks

Whatever the variety of selected leek, it retains its benefits and virtues to health.

The best varieties Leek:

  • "Blue Solaise" Very rustic, February-May planting, harvesting winter.
  • "Electra" : Freezes well, seedlings from March to April, summer-autumn crop.
  • "Big long summer" : Sensitive to cold, spring-summer sowing, harvesting summer.
  • "Yellow bulk of Poitou" : Productive and chilly, seedlings from January to March, harvest in July.
  • "Monstrous Carentan" : The tastiest, seedlings from February to May, summer-winter crop.
  • "Monstrous Elbeuf" : The biggest, seedlings in February, summer-autumn crop.

But you may also find your happiness in the following varieties:

  • "Very long winter of Paris" : Very resistant to cold, so well suited to winter crops.
  • "Arial" : Was long, dark green foliage in summer and autumn.
  • "Malabar" : Very early, gives large fruit is harvested from July to October.
  • "Maxim" : Early, with 30 cm barrels for harvest in summer and autumn.
  • "De Saint-Victor" : Short barrel (15 cm) but basically resistant to extreme cold.
  • "Armor" : All regions, long barrel, harvest autumn and winter.
  • "Carlton F1" : Rapid growth, can be sown in place. 

Most species very resistant to cold and allow you to harvest this vegetable throughout the’winter, according to your needs.

  • Leeks Long Mezieres and Blue Solaize are particularly resistant to cold.

A knowledge-leek:

Leeks can occur throughout the’year, but the first crop depend on the planting period.

To ensure a whole crop’winter, n’Feel free to butter up the leeks before the first frost as this will protect them from the cold.

Finally, the leek has the distinction’exhaust the soil. It is therefore not replant in the same place two years in a row, you even have to wait 5 years.

  • Did you know that green leek entered the composition of the bouquet garni ?

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Malignant Council on leek:

Fiber rich leek is excellent for aid digestion and also a very good source of vitamins!

In the same family, we find the’garlic and’onion.

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