Plumbago, dentelaire of superb climbing course

The plumbago is a superb climber, both for its flowers for foliage.

L’maintenance, planting at the waist, are gestures that will help you see a beautiful flower.

Name : Plumbago capensis
Family : Plumbaginacées
Type : Shrub

: 1 to 2 m
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Ordinary

: Semi-evergreen
Flowering : May to November

Planting plumbago:

The plumbago plant is preferably spring in a place sunny.

Outside this period avoid hot weather to plant your plumbago.

  • A mixture of compost and garden soil is necessary
  • Regular watering after planting is necessary
  • Follow our tips planting shrubs.

Plumbago grown in pot:

It is advisable to plant plumbago in a good potting soil for flowering plants

  • A layer of beads’clay pot bottom improves drainage and therefore growth of plumbago
  • Regular watering s’requires planting
  • Repotting every 2 years is recommended to keep a beautiful flowering

Maintenance plumbago:

Size plumbago:

No size n’is truly indispensable.

Cut possibly to the end of’winter or early spring lightweight way to stimulate flowering and reshape the silhouette.

Watering of plumbago :

The plumbago, in addition to’watering after planting, requires a lot of’when water’it is hot, especially if it is grown in pots

  • Water regularly but not excessively from May to September
  • Reduce the’winter watering
  • In spring and summer, regularly bring the’fertilizer for flowering plants

Fertilization plumbago:

For good growth and abundant flowering, bring the’fertilizer for flowering plants or flowering shrubs every 15 days in spring and summer.

Stop any contribution of’fertilizer once your plumbago stop blooming.

Enemy or disease of the plumbago:

Fairly resistant to disease, plumbago nevertheless suffers regular attacks of aphids.

  • Find our card dedicated to the fight against aphids.

TO plumbago know about:

Plumbago, dentelaire of superb climbing courseThis shrub, native to’Of South Africa provides a very beautiful blooming for much of the’year.
The blue flowers is particularly notable and appreciated.

You l’settle into your garden if the weather permits because careful, plumbago from freezing if temperatures are permanently below 0 °.

But it s’particularly well adapted to the container gardening, This will allow you to enter them in a cool, sheltered from the cold weather during’winter.

Finally, if you want to make a vine, you can palisser by fixing the support because it s’clings not alone.

In our latitudes and grown in the pot plumbago reach 1-2 m high against 4-5 m in its natural environment.

Malignant Council on the plumbago:

For growing in pots, repot in’fall.