Plane tree symbolizes the village of provence-1

The plane is’one of the most representative trees of certain regions such as Provence.

C’For its ornamental power but also because c’is a beautiful tree’shading.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Platunus
Family : Proteaceae
Type : Tree

Height : 25-40 m
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Ordinary, well drained

: Void

Plane tree planting:

Emphasize a plane tree planting to’autumn to promote the’roots and therefore the recovery.

  • The plane like them sunny situations
  • It needs’well-drained soil, c’ie do not retain’water
  • Follow us planting tips

Size of the plane tree maintenance:

The plane supports very well the’pruning.

To convince you, you just have to’observe the work of loggers of our cities at the annual size’fall.

Attention, however wounds that even small can quickly contaminate’whole tree due to’a fungus.

To do this, use a wound sealant after each cut leg and avoid injury to’tree cutting net and frank manner.

Namely on the plane:

The Platanus is part of the family Platanaceae which includes ten’species. The best known is the common plane often used in the south amid the village squares and along the streets.

But the plane s’also adapts very well to more temperate climates with a fairly good hardiness.

The plane is distinguished from other trees by its trunks with colorful plates and its palmate leaves.

Enjoy’rapidly to quickly give your garden a little taste of Provence.

Diseases and parasites of the plane tree:

  • Tiger plane

Malignant Council on the plane:

If you live in town, n’Feel free to plant this tree because it s’perfectly adapted to the urban environment!