Platycodon bellflower large flowers

The platycodon, also called campanula with large flowers is a beautiful herbaceous perennial, well known for its durable and generous flowering.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Platycodon grandiflorus
Family : Campanula
Type : Vivace

: 20 to 60 cm
Exposure : Sunlight to partial shade
Ground : Rather rich and light

Flowering : June to September

Planting platycodon:

The Platycodon is planted in spring in a rather sunny although partial shade perfectly suited to the more southern regions.

  • Prefer a sunny location but not burning
  • Partial shade is preferable in the south
  • The platycodon likes well-drained soil
  • For platycodon pot choose a ground for flowering plants

Multiplication by division of the clump in the spring or seeding in the same period.

Size, maintenance platycodon:

Remove faded flowers at as if you want to stimulate’emergence of new flowers.

The platycodon is very easy’maintenance and claims no other special care.

Watering platycodon:

Pot it is necessary’water regularly because the pot platycodon dries more quickly than if it were in the ground.

In the ground after planting a arrosager├ęgulier promotes growth but it becomes less necessary over the years.

Namely the platycodon:

Beautiful perennial plant native to’Asia, Platycodon offers a beautiful bloom mainly in July and August.

Easy to grow, it has also the’advantage to resist the cold as well as’in hot weather.

Very hardy, resistant to most diseases making it very easy to flower culture.

Malignant Council on the platycodon:

Stake varieties with long stems.