Dandelion plant growing

Dandelion is a plant that grows in’wild in most fields, pastures but also gardens.

Although considered a weed, it can also grow and enjoy a salad, be it leaves or flower.

In summary that’you should know:

Name : Taraxacum officinalis
Family : Asteraceae
Type : Vivace

: 10 to 15 cm
Exposure : Sunny, partial shade
Ground : Ordinary

Harvest : 10 to 12 months after planting

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Dandelion seedlings:

Dandelion seedlings started in the spring, ideally after all risk of frost.

We can therefore dandelion plant from March to July.

  • Loosen the soil several inches so as to make the light soil
  • Dig furrows of 2-3 cm deep every 15-20 cm
  • Have 2-3 seeds in poquet every 10-15 cm and cover lightly with soil
  • Water regularly in order to keep the soil slightly moist

After emergence,

  • Clarify in order to keep 1 plant per hill, the stronger and more vigorous.
  • Continue to water if it does not rain

Maintenance Dandelion:

Dandelion requires very little’maintenance because it is renowned for its hardiness and effect for its fragility.

You can hoeing regularly to remove the real weeds that could affect the proper development of your dandelions.

  • Dandelion tolerates soils rather poor, unnecessary’bring the’fertilizer
  • Cut flowers as to stimulate’emergence of new flowers all season long
  • Water when high heat and / or drought

Blanch dandelion:

Dandelion laundering involves covering the plants to remove them light for a certain time in order to’mitigate their bitterness.

It can whiten dandelions by covering the plant with’a bell, d’a wooden box, an empty plant pot or’an opaque film.

If you do’have none of it, a simple mound of straw or leaves on dandelion should be enough to blanch.

Dandelion before’Winter:

It is recommended to cut dandelion leaves 2 to 3 cm of the neck and then butter each plant to’a good layer of earth’about 10 to 15 cm.

Dandelion Harvest:

At dandelion, is harvested both roots, the leaves and flowers. Everything is good in dandelion.

Harvest dandelion leaves:

Dandelion leaves are harvested spring, when’they are still young, for raw in salads or use.

For use cooked leaves, you can reap the throughout the’year.

Harvest dandelion flowers:

Dandelion flowers to harvest in the spring, when the inflorescence are well trained.

Cut the flower head by breaking the small rod’sharply.

You can use them as decoration, as well as a salad that’for dessert, and make delicious dandelion jelly.

Using the dandelion in the kitchen:

Dandelion plant growingParticularly rich in vitamin C and beta-carotene, dandelion leaves are particularly attractive in salads but also soup and tea.

We might as well eat the leaves dandelion root is edible.

The flowers are a great decorative power in kitchen with its yellow color of’gold but they are also excellent when’they are used to make jellies and jams.

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