Plants dépolluantes quen Is

There are depolluting plants capable of’clean the’air in our homes.

Although most polluted that’he n’it seems, the’inside our homes and apartments is charged with invisible chemicals that most plants are capable of’absorb!

This article is composed of two parts, the second is devoted to the main dépolluantes plants and their virtues.

Namely on’air in our homes:

L’air in our homes is responsible invisible and harmful toxic to our bodies.

  • The majority of the materials that make up our home and the products’maintenance contain large amount of harmful substances for our health.
  • Paints, detergents, air fresheners, insecticides, solvents, etc ... are all benzene, xylene, formaldehyde or toluene involved in pollution.

After a series of’Studies by French laboratories (Phyt’air) and American (NASA), the s’out that many plants can help us to evacuate or at least absorb most of these substances.

Mechanism pollution with plants:

If this mechanism is sometimes called into question by some studies, the research shows that on plants’there is a definite beneficial effect on the quality of’air we breathe.

  • The principle of clearance based on a gas exchange.
  • Harmful substances present in the’air is absorbed by the plant through its foliage and are transformed into organic matter active through its root system.
  • The plant then emits Much healthier Co2 that that’it absorbed before.
  • It improves and the quality of’in air’inside the house and also the level of’oxygen.
  • Obviously, the more the plant will grow and the more’effectiveness of this process will be.

Plants most active dépolluantes:

The majority of plants has an important role in this process and it is even demonstrated that’a beautiful plant every 10 m2 significantly improves the purity of’air.

However, some plants, according to their characteristics, are much more effective than’other:

= Then find key depolluting plants with their virtues