Planting roses and technical period

Planting’a rose is a very important step.

Properly done, it facilitates the resumption of roses, development and flowering.

It is found either in the container, c’ie in the pot in which it underwent its last repotting or bare root.

Roses particularly resistant to cold (up to -25 °) but need sun to flower.
So you choose him a sunny location and rather sheltered from the wind.

When to plant a rose bush?

Ideally, planting roses s’performs to’autumn to promote the’root before restarting.

You can still plant them spring s’there are container or pot watering more generously during the first months of development land.

But throughout the’winter, if time permits and that’it freezes it is also not possible to plant your roses.

Planting roses in containers or pots:

In this case, the plantation is relatively simple.

Period n’only few’even if important’it is always better to plant to’automne, ideally starting in November.

  1. Dig a hole d’about 50 cm wide and 40 cm deep. The hole size is important for root development
  2. Put in the hole a amendment manure and seaweed type.
    You can also put a root stimulator. C’is a product that you find in garden and facilitates root development
  3. Mix then land your garden with planting soil. You can also use a special compost or even universal
  4. Scratch slightly roots to separate from each other.
    May be separated from each other with fingers
  5. Soak the root ball in a bucket’water to re-moisten the roots. This step promotes resumption of roses
  6. Place the root ball in the middle spreading roots in the hole. C’is done with care and delicacy in order not to break the roots
  7. Cover with your mix of soil and compost by packing all for that’he n’there is no hole’air between the soil and roots
  8. Water plenty and tamp the earth again.

Plant a rose bush bare root:

IMPORTANT : Planting’a rose bush bare root can not s’place outside the period of the mid-November until the end of February, avoiding at all costs freezing periods.

Follow the same process as for a rose bush container, but instead of soaking the rootball in’water,

  • Cut the roots to leave a length of about 20-25 cm.
  • Soak the roots in a praline to facilitate their contact with the soil when planting.

When planting, it is important to firmly pack when the rose is in the earth so that all roots are in contact with your garden soil and potting mix.

Location to plant a rose bush:

Roses need a lot of sun to bloom profusely.

  • So, choose a location well exposed and sunny
  • Avoid areas where the soil is heavy and humid, where’water stagnates because the roots of the rose n’not like that and it facilitates the development of diseases
  • Therefore prefer rich soil, light and well drained

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Pruning roses:

Every year, we must prune the roses. C’is the guarantee’have a nice bloom and to promote the healthy development of your rose bush.

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