A majestic pine tree conifre

The pine tree is a tree characteristic of Mediterranean regions whose shape is reminiscent of’umbrella.

The fruit, the pinion, is widely used in cooking and c’is why it is sometimes called, as such, pinion pine.

In short, that’you should know:

Name Pinus pinea
Family : Pinaceae
Type : Conifer

: Up’20m
Exposure : Sunny or partial shade
Ground : Ordinary but not chalky and well drained

: Evergreen

Parasol pine plantation:

The pine tree is usually planted to’autumn, but it can also the’be up’the March-avrithe outside periods of freezing.

  • The umbrella pine loves and dreads dry wetlands soils
  • It needs’good drainage and can be planted in a mixture of soil and sand

After planting, you can mulch the foot in order to’prevent weeds are invading their base.

  • The umbrella pine, s’it can withstand temperatures of’order of -10 °, from freezing to young subjects
  • In 2 cases, maritime pine bark are ideal but any other Mulching perfectly fulfill this function.

Parasol pine Size:

The pine tree is an evergreen tree whose size is large enough to deserve some advice. Relatively slow growth, umbrella pine can be pruned so as to be led parasol although it should of course take this form.

The pine tree can die if the size is poorly done.

Size’maintenance of stone pine:

This size is to remove the dried twigs as the lowest branches and those that tend to push down.

The size occurs rather to’fall, before’arrival of cold weather and frost but it can also occur in the summer after the spring growth.

  • We can cut the branches of the lower floors systematically or leaving the upper top 2 floors of branches
  • It brightens the umbrella pine to let the sun and light in the heart of conifer.
  • This means removing the less vigorous branches, those that grow toward’inside and / or intersecting.
  • It also favors a size’balance by providing a smooth and natural as the umbrella pine

Once the cut branches, it clogs wounds with mastic healing, tar like Norway, in order to limit’onset of disease and fungus

Topping a pine tree:

The question is often asked whether the’may or may not topping a pine tree.

The answer is no, for the simple reason that if’a pine tree dies it headless.

  • Attention to the growth of this conifer if you have neighbors because it can quickly become problematic
  • You can also our size advice’a hedge

Namely the umbrella pine:

Pinus pinea is well known for its silhouette shaped umbrella and so characteristic of Mediterranean landscapes.

Her reddish brown bark, dividing halfway up, just as his ornamental foliage franc green.

But n’it's not just that to make this the coniferous’one of the most majestic because its fruits also find use. Effect is used kitchen pine nut, especially in baking or in salads, for the subtle taste of the almond and its health benefits.

  • The fruits of the umbrella pine n’mature that’once every 3 years
  • L’Spain, as such, the largest producer of pine nuts

Finally, note that if the Mediterranean stone pine is a tree, it will struggle to push the Atlantic Coast, not for the cold but because of the wind which tends to break the rather fragile branches of the pine tree

Diseases and parasites of the umbrella pine:

Few, however, we find the processionary moth Pine

  • At’autumn, there are silky nests whitish causes rapid yellowing needles

He n’there is no real treatment against processionary caterpillar.

  • You must remove the infested branches as and destroy
  • Use gloves because contact with the caterpillars cause stinging skin reactions or respiratory
  • The known chemical treatment is spraying Bacillus thuringiensis
  • Watch Out! This attack can condemn’set’umbrella pine

Malignant Council about the pine trees:

Willingly used the umbrella pine in shaft’umbrage on condition’have a large enough field because adult, it can be over 10 m circumference.