Photinia a beautiful foliage-1

The photinia is remarkable due to its unique foliage in purple and red.

The planting,’Maintenance and size allow you to’improve flowering and growing your photinia.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Photinia x fraseri
Family : Rosaceae
Height: 1-3 m

: Sunlight
Soil: Ordinary
Foliage : Evergreen

Flowering : Spring

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Planting photinia:

The photinia loves the sun, it is resistant to cold (up to -15 °), but also a lot of merit’water, especially in summer when’it is hot and that drought is present.


Grow preferably fall to promote’rooting.
If the best time is November, you can still be planted in the month of September and up’in December avoiding periods of frost.

Then Avoid months’Winter ..

Spring and summer:

The photinias can be planted in Spring and even’summer when’they are purchased container.
In this case, water more regularly because the needs of’shrub are greater outside the’fall and’winter.

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Multiplication of photinia :

You can multiply your photinia by cuttings in summer.

Among the most known varieties, we find the Red Robin.

Size, maintenance photonia:

Photinia a beautiful foliage-1It is recommended to cut the photinia at least 2 times per year.

So we will trim after flowering spring and after the growth of’autumn to d’balance the’shrub or reduce its antlers

It is also possible’perform a size photinia red robin at the end of the’winter. This size favors’appearance of red leaves but can affect flowering.

Know that the photinia can be shaped at will. Thus we find the cone, round or column ...

  • D prefer’a first clarification of old branches to promote the growth of young shoots and a clearance center that will let light.
  • In addition you taillerez, at most pushes will be fast.
  • Thus, a frequent and severe pruning stimulates growth as well as’appearance of red leaves.
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To have a beautiful photinia red robin:

L’contribution of’a universal fertilizer Spring enhance growth and make the beautiful foliage.

.Namely the photinias:

The Photinias are shrubs that were hybridized by the’man, and are the result of crossing two different species.

A native of New Zealand, it was introduced in Europe there about 25 years.

It is very often used as shrubs’ornament, Massive or a hedge, but may also be planted only.

Their main characteristic is to’be bicolor (Deep red for young leaves that turn green in as) almost permanently.

They bring splash of color noticed in your hedges or flowerbeds.

Their generous foliage allow rapid opacity, which makes the’a evergreen shrubs most planted hedge.

This beautiful shrub s’integrates well into a hedge and goes very well with a lot of’other species.

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