Phlox lovely herbaceous flower

Phlox are among the very pretty flowers to adorn our gardens during’summer.

D’easy maintenance and culture, they will fill you with their great decorative power.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Phlox
Family : Polemoniaceae
Type Flower, perennial or annual

Height : 0.2 to 1 m
: Sunlight
: Pretty rich and well drained
: April to October
Foliage : Semi-evergreen

Planting phlox:

The phlox are quite hardy perennials that love the land rather rich humus but will also grow in ordinary soil.

Pot or bucket:

  • In the spring or the’Fall in a rather sunny spot.

Seeding annual phlox :

  • Prefer seedlings up in the spring.
  • The annual phlox is particularly suitable for baskets, pots and planters.
  • Brighten every 20 cm right out of the first leaves to let the plant the’space to thrive.

Multiplication of perennial phlox:

  • The clump division to’fall after the stems have withered.

Size, maintenance of phlox:

Annual Phlox:

The best known is the annual Phlox drummondii phlox.

  • He love the sun and rather rich and well drained soil
  • A Regular watering is necessary, especially in times of drought.

Perennial phlox:

Phlox has many species and varieties but we can say that all prefer the sun

  • Therefore prefer good sunny situations for partially shaded few hours
  • Make sure that your soil is rich enough for a beautiful flowering
  • In early spring bring the’fertilizer for flowering plants to your soil
  • Remove faded flowers to As.

Namely on phlox:

Easily grown, the Phlox not only calling for’be watered by hot, dry weather.

This plant has a generous flowering abundant and most of the’year.

The genus Phlox comprises relatively diverse and varied plants. We thus find forms of herbaceous annual or perennial.

There are 60 species of phlox. A few known varieties such as phlox Drumond (annual), Orange perfection, Amethyst, Tenor, Graf Zeppelin are all shapes and colors that will adorn your garden or terrace.

Disease that is sensitive phlox:

  • L’powdery mildew, description and treatment

Malignant Council on the phlox:

To boost the recovery of perennial phlox next spring, cover the foot of manure during’winter, you also will protect from the cold.