Phoenix a very beautiful palm

The phoenix is’One of the most common palm trees in our climate even if it does not grow as high as in its region’origin,’Africa.

Often grown in pots can be planted if the area permits.

In short, that’you should know:

Name Phoenix canriensis
Family : Palmae or Aracacées
Type : Palm, tree

: Up’20m
Climate : Warm temperate
Exposure : Sunny and part shade

Maintenance : None
Ordinary but well drained
: Evergreen

Phoenix palm plantation:

Choose sunny at least half of the day, as well as bear spray’a little bit of’shade, but be sure to protect from strong winds on the Atlantic coast.

Plant it in a mixture ideally consists of sand, compost and topsoil in equal proportions.

  • For planting technique, Here are our tips

Watering phoenix palm:

L’Watering is important, especially when’it is hot and that’it does not rain for a long time

  • Water thoroughly at first, especially in summer
  • Make sure you can not flood in the roots
  • In subsequent years, water regularly, always taking care d’conserve’water .

Namely the phoenix:

Phoenix canariensis is’One of the most common due to its purely aesthetic features palm trees.

It supports both drought, cold and wide variety of soils that make up our country.

It is found mainly on the Cote’Azur.

C’is a big tall palm tree that grows fast enough when’it is sufficiently watered.

Global warming and helping without taking too much risk, it is entirely possible to grow this palm on the Atlantic side of Biarritz up’Brittany.

Size phoenix:

No size n’is necessary but it should be deleted or dried palm leaves that turn yellow in as.

Malignant Council about the phoenix:

If you want that’it grows rapidly, ensure that the earth is never too dry in summer.

But above all, water in the evening so that’it makes full use of all water before that’she s’evaporates ...