Peperomia plant appreciated for its foliage

The peperomia is a tropical plant used in interior and apartment appreciated for its foliage, also varied among species as decorative.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Peperomia
Family : Piperaceae
Type : Vivace, Bush d’inside

: 25 cm
Exposure : Bright
Ground : Well drained

: Evergreen
Flowering : June to August

Planting peperomia:

The peperomia has the distinction’enjoy the potting in late’winter.

So you can repot after’purchase if you find that the roots protrude from the pot and then once a year at the end of’winter.

  • It is best to repot in a pot Barely larger than the previous because the Peperomia likes to feel at’close.
  • The pot should have a drainage layer at the bottom. For this, use gravel or balls’clay.

Best exposure for peperomia:

The peperomia like light situations but fear sunlight especially in summer.

  • Place your peperomia behind a window does not receive the sun in the morning or evening, or behind a veil
  • Varieties variegated leaves tolerate more sun than varieties green foliage.
  • Avoid at all costs because too dark room the peperomia also fears the’shade.
  • The pépéromias green leafy need’good light, but must be sheltered from the sun

Side temperatures, tolerates those of Peperomia’indoor heated in winter, but it may also be that’it loses leaves if’air is too dry.

Temperatures should not fall below 12-13 °.

Size, maintenance peperomia:

After flowering, remove the flower stalks of Peperomia by cutting shorter.

  • Remove pages if they are wilted, dried or yellowed

Watering peperomia:

The Peperomia naturally in tropical areas’South America and therefore needs’some humidity whole’year to thrive.

Nevertheless unnecessary’watering excessively because too full of’watering could convict him. L’excess’water usually leads to falling leaves and often destruction of your plant.

  • Drizzle lightly and only when the soil is very dry
  • Spray the foliage with a non-calcareous water, especially in winter when heating tends to dry the’air in our homes.
  • The Peperomia better withstand drought at ground level than otherwise

Namely the peperomia:

Peperomia plant appreciated for its foliageThe peperomias have a large number of’species and varieties with colors and foliage quite different too.

No need to rely on the’one or’Another of the pictures shown, it may be that your pépéromias is quite different from the past.

We find greens, coolers, waffles, purple or even pépéromias more or less dense at the foliage.

Nevertheless, there are some similarities as their tropical origin’South America and they flower shaped’elongated ears.

Finally, note that the lifetime of’No one peperomia’is not very high and that its growth is relatively slow.

But the rest of a plant of Peperomia’inside beauty with a varied and very decorative foliage.

Malignant Council on the peperomia:

spider mites are the most common parasites in peperomia, for’eradicate, follow our advice fight against’red spider