Pretty little flower snowdrop

Snowdrops are among the first to bloom at the end of the’winter.

Planting is done in’fall and’Maintenance is easier to get pretty little flowers.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Galanthus
Family : Allium
Type: Bulb Spring

: 15/20 cm
Exposure : Sunlight

Ground : Ordinary
: January to March

Planting snowdrop:

The snowdrops or nivĂ©ole have exactly the same appearance and culture conditions are the same. It even happens that’it confuses them.

  • Planting snowdrop bulbs is to’autumn, about 5/6 inch deep.
  • The snowdrops like rather rich in humus soil but still the costs’summer. C’Therefore the undergrowth or’shadow’a hedge are the best places.

Planting in a hedge of’deciduous shrub is perfect as they enjoy the sun and the light’Winter and’the shadow’summer.

  • N’feel free to put dozens of bulbs in the same place to create a mass effect
  • We can also vary the place to have different exposures and therefore different flowering periods
  • Find our guide dedicated to planting bulbs

Pruning and maintenance snowdrops:

The snowdrop bulbs have tend to dry out quickly and will not stand for’be out of the ground too long.

At the end of flowering, wait for the yellowing foliage before cutting, because that is when the flower holds its reserves for the next flowering.

  • Do not mow until the foliage is completely faded

Definitely, the snowdrop asks only very few’maintenance and is perfect for beginner gardeners.

Namely the snowdrop:

Pretty little flower snowdropThis plant is aptly named because it is’one of the only ones able to flourish despite the snow.

There are 19 species of snowdrops and over 500 varieties. But the most common and the one that’usually is found Galanthus nivalis for’all regions and Galanthus elwesii for more southern regions

From January-March, you will love its little white and discrete bells announce that we are heading into spring.

The snowdrops ad usually spring and at the same time the end of the’winter!

Malignant Council on the snowdrops:

Snowdrops bloom several years away if you n’will not touch condition of not suffering too much from the drought’summer.

To avoid this hold over a thick layer of dried leaves during’summer.

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