Do seasonal flowers

Thinking is a must for flowers’fall and’winter.

The planting,’maintenance and’watering are all gestures that allow you to’have very pretty flowers for a long time.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Viola
: Violaceae
Annual, biennial or perennial

Height: 10 to 20 cm
Exposure : Sunny and part shade
Soil: Normal

Flowering: Fall, winter and spring
Difficulty : Easy

Planting, cultivation of the mind:

Plantation thoughts:

Purchased bucket or pot you can plant thoughts l’autumn or at the beginning of spring.

Prefer good soil to the land of your garden, and you will ensure your plants much better flowering.

For a beautiful flowering prefer sunny location especially in winter when the sun is less strong.

Planting thoughts:

For sowing, he s’generally carried out in June-July to August.

About 4 weeks after emergence, transplant every 10 cm and plant from the’Autumn in the ground with’contribution of’suitable soil.

  • It will usually planted ten feet per m2.
  • Sow in the spring for a during flowering’summer.
  • For flowering when the’autumn, sow in early June.

Maintenance of thoughts:

Qu’they bloom in the spring and summer, or at the’autumn and winter, thoughts ask only very little care.

  • For varieties of spring and’summer, Water during the warmer months
  • For varieties’Winter, Protect the roots rather cold with a mulching during’winter.

The same thoughts can bloom all the’year c’Therefore there are spring and summer flowering thoughts and’Other fall-flowering and winter

As regards the Annual varieties you can pull out the end of flowering, while those perennial will bloom again the’next year.

  • The varieties that bloom best and the most common are annual.

That is the thinking:

Do seasonal flowersThoughts bloom throughout most of the’year depending on the species.
Vivace, it is usually grown as a bisanuelle and c’In the spring of that’it is the most spectacular with its wide variety of colors.

They are also known to bloom come our gardens, balconies and our terraces solid or planter, on the’fall and winter even if the n’is not very sweet.

Nearly 500 species have been identified, which is an array of flowers to the most varied colors.

Often confused with purple as they are part of the same family and only differentiates their petals.

Here is how to differentiate the thoughts of violets.

  • The purple count 2 petals up and three down.
  • Thoughts have 4 petals up and down

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