Parrotie of Persia

Name : Parrotia
Family : Hamamelidaceae
Type : Shrub

: 6 to 8 m
Exposure : Sunlight shadow
Ground : Instead acid

: Deciduous
Flowering : January to March

Planting parrotie of Persia

Preferably at’fall to promote’rooting before’winter.
When planting, add 1/3 peaty soil to your garden soil.

If you live in a region rather warm climate, choose a shady spot.

Follow our tips planting shrubs

Size parrotie of Persia

No size n’is necessary.
If you want to reduce or balance the branches rather wait until the end of flowering in the spring.

Comment parrotie of Persia

The Persian Parrotie that’also called iron shaft may be considered as a tree PEIT, but its size may nevertheless reach 8 m high.

It has beautiful colors on’fall. Its foliage is adorned so flamboyant colors, yellow, red and orange.

It is relatively easy culture and gives much more satisfaction when’it is isolated.

Malignant Council on the parrotie of Persia

A Mulching to base d’maritime pine bark is ideal for maintaining’the moisture’summer and limit the growth of weeds.