Mulching dco the cocoa shells

Cocoa shell mulch is an excellent and effective seasonal fertilizer.

Very aesthetic and with incomparable agronomic characteristics, it is the perfect mulch for all garden plants and also your balconies or terraces.

Widely used by landscape professionals, cocoa shell is considered a high quality mulch.

The benefits of cocoa husks:

  • Decorate massive and beautifully plantations and bins and planters.
  • Fertilizes progressively soil.
  • Limits weeds.
  • Wind resistant after being watered.
  • Protects the roots against frost.

The cocoa shells highlight your plants through their beautiful cocoa color.

Agronomic values ​​and pH around 5.7 make the best fertilizer mulch.

Using cocoa shells:

Before’spread the cocoa shells, it is essential’have realized the plantations.

Then Spread a layer’about 4-5 cm’thickness and water so that the shells stick together and form a protective layer permeable’water to’air and fertilizers.

A few days later, a thin white film appear and indicate that the mulch acts effectively.
6-8 months later, mix the mulch on the ground to fertilize more and Renew the’operation each year.

Malignant Council on cocoa shells:

You can also use the cocoa shells mixed with earth or soil. This operation will allow’aerate your soil and enhance fertilization!

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