Mulching flax mulch

Flax mulch comes from the flax culture and s’turns out to be an excellent mulch for all plants.

It is ideal surfacing flower beds, trees, planters and garden.

Use of flax mulch:

  1. Arrange the flax on a layer of mulch’about 5 cm.
  2. Water then to keep the mulch in place.

The benefits of flaxseed mulch:

  1. Facilitates the recovery of plants by avoiding’erosion and soil compaction.
  2. Economise’watering through the protective layer which forms and avoiding the’evaporation.
  3. Weeds naturally and sustainably flowerbeds.
  4. neutral pH to avoid’acidify the soil.
  5. Brings the organic matter decomposes in the soil.
  6. Protects the roots of winter frosts.
  7. As the ashes, flax mulch prevents slugs s’approach plants

Malignant Council mulching:

By using mulch, do your bit for the’environment, you embellisez your garden and maintain your ground!

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